One of Tamar Braxton’s close friends is coming to her defense as her feud with Toya Wright heats up. Mr. L Davis, who goes by the Twitter name Him Kardashian-West, took to the social networking site to bash Wright after leaked excerpts of her book seemingly accused Braxton of banning her from appearing on “The Real.”

“How do you say someone should have called you if they had an issue, but you ain’t call them, you wrote about them not calling you in a book?” he tweeted. “And how she gonna blame Tamar for not being booked on prior seasons? She ain’t been booked NOWHERE else either ain’t got s--- to do with Tay.”

Davis’ tweets didn’t end there:

On Wednesday, an excerpt from Wright’s upcoming book “In My Words… My Reality” leaked online. In the passage, the former “Marriage Boot Camp” star said that while Braxton was a co-host on “The Real” she was never called to be a guest, but once Braxton was fired from the daytime talk show her publicist was able to get her on the show.

“My friend was on the talk show for what I believe was two seasons and I was never able to go on there. After my friend was fired, my publicist was able to get me on the show, which I found to be strange,” the excerpt (via BallerAlert) read. “I never had a convo with my homegirl about what happened to her and how she ended up leaving the talk show. All I knew is that she no longer worked there.”

Wright appeared on the show last month to unveil the cover art for her book, and shortly after her debut it was reported that Braxton unfollowed her former friend on social media. In another excerpt from “In My Words… My Reality,” Wright dished on learning Braxton was no longer following her on Instagram. “It was news to my ears as I logged in to my social media accounts to see that I was tagged in all kinds of posts saying that myself and another friend [Monica Brown] were unfollowed for going on the show,” she wrote.  

There was a lot of drama surrounding Braxton being fired from “The Real” in May. The “Braxton Family Values” star told Steve Harvey in June that she was never given a reason why she was let go and she thought everything was fine. “For this to come out of the blue is astonishing,” she said. “Me and the girls got along, so I thought. I loved going to work. Just like everybody else, I loved driving to work.”