Tara Reid
Tara Reid was accused of using Photoshop for her new bikini-clad Instagram pictures. Reuters

By now, lots of people have seen the nearly or totally nude Instagram pictures a frolicking Tara Reid posted to social media over the weekend, but a number of them think they've seen something else at play. Eagle-eyed oglers immediately circulated their suspicion that the 39-year-old actress used Photoshop to pare down her already slender body. The “Sharknado” star is known for having a tiny frame, but some of the bikini shots from her trip to Mexico seem to be artfully edited, sites like E! News and Perez Hilton reported Monday.

“A perfect sphere in the middle of the cave!” Reid captioned one picture. “So much fun.” The image garnered more than 2,300 likes from her 91,100 followers, but some of them noticed the picture looked a little off.

One of the pictures where digital enhancement seems obvious is an image of Reid sitting on a rock. While the left side of her waist is smooth and curvy, the right side seems jagged and unnatural. It could be that Reid is sitting at a strange angle, or it could be that she tried to fool the masses with some Photoshop.

Reid isn’t the only one to come under fire for allegedly modifying pictures. Kim Kardashian has notoriously been accused of altering her body. Most recently, many speculated that her “Break the Internet” cover for Paper magazine was distorted. Her bodacious derriere was on full display, but her waist appeared tinier than ever. Was it Photoshop, surgery or just a really good angle? The world may never know -- if Kardashian has it her way.

While Reid and Kardashian could be accused of trimming their waists for their Instagram followers, Beyoncé was suspected of trimming inches off her legs to create a “thigh gap,” a space that exists when the knees are together. The thing that seemed to give Beyoncé away was that other objects in her photos seemed distorted, including the stairs behind her and an iPhone next to her.

Reid hasn’t responded to the Photoshop controversy, and instead revealed she just arrived in San Francisco. “Just landed in San Francisco so excited to be here,” she said.

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