Apple's virtual assistant Siri can help its users write and send texts, set reminders, schedule meetings, play music, and more.
Siri for iPhone 4S: you know the tool that acts as a voice-activated personal assistant catering to your every need? Wrong. More like the built-in tool for personal entertainment, as many users mess around with it, or record videos of two Siris talking back and forth. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Since Apple launched the iPhone 4S on Oct. 14, new owners have fallen in love with Siri, a dynamic virtual personal assistant only available on the 4S that helps the user perform most phone functions hands-free.

The iPhone 4S also came with iOS 5 pre-loaded, and even though iOS 5 promised deep integration with Twitter, one of the key features left out was the ability to let Siri help you send out some tweets. While Apple has not implemented the function yet, there is still a quick and simple workaround to this problem.

Teach Siri to send your tweets in these seven easy steps.

1. Sign in on Twitter on your Mac or PC, and visit the Settings tab within the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the screen.

2. Under Settings, click the Mobile tab. The next screen should read, Use Twitter with Text Messaging! and will ask you for your country and phone number. Click Start.

3. On the next page, Twitter will ask you to verify your phone by sending a text message to Twitter at a specific shortcode. If you're in the U.S., the shortcode is going to be 40404; international iPhone 4S users can check for their code here.

4. Get on your iPhone 4S and send a text to the code Twitter provided you. Write the word Go as the message. No quotation marks, no punctuation.

5. In the Contacts app on the 4S, make a new contact for the shortcode you just texted. If the code reads as 404-04, this is fine. Give the contact the first name, Twitter.

6. From now on, whenever you want to send a tweet via Siri, launch Siri by holding down the home button or putting the phone up to your ear and say, Text Twitter. Speak your message to Siri, and she will then ask to verify if the message is correct and ready to send. At this point, you can press or say Send, or if Siri misunderstood what you said, you can always edit the message on the screen by hand. Then press send. Congratulations, you're all set up!

There's also a way to have Siri read all of your incoming Twitter notifications, thanks to the VoiceOver function on the iPhone 4S. It's easy: Revisit your Twitter settings on your Mac or PC, and click the Mobile tab again. There, you can opt to receive notifications on your phone whenever you receive direct messages, mentions, replies, and tweets from people you've enabled for mobile notifications.

If you don't want to get Twitter notifications on your iPhone in the middle of the night, there's an option on the very bottom of the page to turn off notifications during a set period of time. Simply input the hours when you want separation from Twitter, and press Save. You're all set!

For those who haven't yet been introduced to Apple's new AI assistant, Siri can help its user write and send texts and e-mails, dictate notes, set alarms and reminders, call friends, play songs, and surf the Web. Siri doesn't require any initial training with its user to get started.

The iPhone 4S is largely sold out, but certain models are still available at Apple Stores, Best Buys, Targets, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint stores, and participating Sam's Clubs.