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Peter Roessger epitomizes such a unique combination of being a machine development expert and, at the same time, a champion of human values. Passionately trying to find an answer to the question of how technological developments can make our lives simpler, faster, safer, and more effective. Peter's quest to gather better insight to shape technologies aligned with human aspects and values led him to develop his company, Beyond HMI.

Peter Roessger was born in Berlin, Germany. After attending schools in Berlin, New York, and Oxford, he studied mechanical engineering and psychology at TU Berlin. Not long after, he obtained his doctorate in human-machine systems, user-friendliness, and the interaction between driver and vehicle. His 25 years of experience in the industry have helped him to develop user-oriented solutions for his clients. Today, Peter Roessger is a well-known keynote speaker, consultant, and coach in human-machine interfaces, user experience, and usability. Not to mention, he has been recognized as a renowned HMI Guru and expert across industries.

Beyond HMI
Beyond HMI

During his professional career at TU Berlin, at Daimler AG, Harman Automotive and an electronics service provider, and with his consulting company Beyond HMI, he has always dealt with man and machine, technologies, and society. Beyond HMI has been engaged in adapting technology to fulfill people's wishes, needs, and abilities spanning over 30 years. In search of the best solutions possible in order to make the future of technology design more human-centric. Peter never tried to imagine the scope of machines and technologies over human values.

"Humans are and remain humans, with all their wonderful strengths and all their surprising weaknesses. Although we are beings with physical deficiencies, we are psychic, mental, and spiritual superiors, thanks to our brains. Our intelligence enables us to create tools with which we can achieve God-like qualities. However, we often alienate ourselves with these self-created instruments. Technology often remains elaborate, complex, and incomprehensible to us," says Peter Roessger.

Peter acknowledges that we are surrounded by constantly growing quantities of technical systems, ubiquitous digitalization, networking, and communication. According to him, to successfully implement a user-centric design of technologies and products, we need three components: suitable parameters, processes, and a way of thinking. He continues to talk about these points to get his listeners' thinking and actions to meet that requirement.

Through his keynote speeches, reports, consultations, and coaching, Peter strives to take his clients from the automotive industry to new levels of awareness regarding thinking, decision-making, and acting by putting the human side into the focus of technology development. He offers HMI (Human Machine Interface) strategies, concepts, developments, and implementations.

"In my presentations, you will gain knowledge from more than 30 years of user-oriented technology development, right from real life, immediately applicable, entertaining, and insistently presented. I change your thinking and your view and, consequently, your actions and your successes. My message and content are adapted to the specific requirements of a wide range of different clients," says Peter Roessger.

Peter's dedication and devotion to humanity and technology are demonstrated through his continuous research on the relationship between humans and technology as well as the future of technology design. His commitment to improving his listeners' lives by opening their eyes to the design and use of technology and the possibilities it can uncover.

What drives Peter is the conviction that the ultimate aim of all technological advancement should be the progress and prosperity of human beings and their environment. He proposes future technology for the sake of humanity and professional life is an absolute effort towards that noble cause.