A 15-year-old teen in Indonesia killed a six-year-old neighbor Saturday because she wanted to imitate her favorite horror movies.

According to local reports, the unidentified teenager and the boy were playing at the victim’s home when she told the six-year-old to enter the bathroom. She then drowned the boy in the bathtub before hiding the body in the wardrobe. The teen then surrendered herself to the police. During interrogation, the teen said she was a huge fan of horror movies and wanted to imitate a scene from one of the films. She said she was satisfied and didn’t regret the murder.

Investigators searched the teen’s home and found “disturbing” artwork and diaries. She drew images of popular horror characters like Slenderman. Investigators also found cryptic messages which said, “I’m the teen that couldn’t control her emotions” and “I’ll learn to change my life but I need more time.” Investigators felt that the artwork and messages demonstrated possible psychological condition and have sent them to the psychiatric department for analysis.

Neighbors told the investigators that the girl used to torture animals and used to often throw cats from high-rise buildings and kill frogs. The teen was also sent to the psychiatric department and was undergoing tests.

crime scene Pixabay