The "Teen Mom 2" Season 5 finale began the same way it started-- with lots of drama. With Kailyn Lowry in an all-out texting war with her ex Jo Rivera, Jenelle Evans and Leah Calvert both fighting over custody and Chelsea Houska in search for her future husband, it's safe to say not all the moms recieved a happy ending in "All Grown Up." Here is everything you need to know about Wednesday night's "Teen Mom 2" Season 5 finale:


After six weeks of her son Isaac living with his dad Jo Rivera in New Jersey, Kailyn Lowry was noticeably excited about his return to her Delaware abode. Unfortunately for Kailyn, a recent texting feud with Jo over their son’s new haircut put a damper on the mother-son reunion. “We had like a huge argument the other day,” Jo told his live-in girlfriend Vee of the disagreement with his ex. “She goes, ‘He’s too young for that. He’s half white … Little white boys don’t get their hair cut like that.'” Jo said he wanted an apology from Kailyn, calling her statements ignorant, racial and stereotypical. “That’s gotta be top five most ignorant s—t she’s ever said,” said Vee. “I look forward to all of the other years that we have of listening to s—it like that come out of her mouth.” 

While the duo was not the best of terms following their feud, they remained cordial in front of Isaac and Kailyn’s other son with husband Javi Marroquin, Lincoln, during their hand off. Despite Kailyn claiming she was too busy too talk to Jo during the meet up, she had no issue sharing a few choice comments on her son’s new look in route back to Delaware. “Isaac remember your haircut before daddy shaved it off? I can’t wait until it grows back,” she said. 

The next day, Kailyn privately met with Jo to discuss this feud. “I want to know why you said what you said,” said Jo, a remark which immediately infuriated Kailyn. “I told you why. When he goes over there you have him dress a certain way, you have him look a certain way, you have his hair cut a certain way and that’s not who he is. I think you forget about the fact that he’s half-white and he’s half-hispanic. I feel like you dress him to dress in a stereotypical way and I don’t like it! You dress him like a thug!” she said before storming off.

Following her altercation with Jo, Kailyn confided in Javi about Jo’s allegations. “I guess he thinks I was being racist,” she said. “Obviously, I’m not racist when both of my kids are hispanic and I’m married to a hispanic." Javi, who ultimately took Kailyn’s side in the argument, said the duo have to work on their co-parenting issues for the sake of Isaac. 


With Aubree spending the weekend with her ex Adam Lind’s parents, Chelsea Houska agreed to go on a speed dating venture with her pals Chelsey Grace and Tiffany in Minnesota. Despite her original excitement over the idea of meeting a new man, Chelsea soon after expressed her fears of rejoining the dating scene before the big night. “I can’t ya’ll b----es talked me into doing this,” she said. “What do you talk about on dates? What do you do with your hands?”

In route to Minnesota, Chelsea said that she didn’t have an issue dating a man who had children. “If he was a good dad, I would love that,” she said. One man she was not interested in pursing -- Any individual that reminded her of Adam. “If someone like Adam come along and I knew that he had two kids with two separate people and never like barely and them, I’d be like, you know, that’s a red flag,” she said.  

Despite her fear of failing at the dating scene, Chelsea immediately impressed her first man Ty. “I really like brown eyes so I'm really attracted,” he said. Her success, however, was short lived. “You should eat a mint,” one of Chelsea’s dates, Charlie the mechanic, said. “Are you telling me my breath smells?” asked Chelsea, a request which was returned by resounding "Yes." Ultimately, Chelsea was unimpressed with her choices. “I don’t like to waste my time,” she told her pals after exiting the event. “No more speed dating!”

After her trip, Chelsea picked up Aubree from Adam’s parents only to discover that Adam has once again, landed himself in jail. Chelsea's dad, Randy, was able to dig up Adam’s criminal records, finding that his latest time in jail was the result of a plea bargain from a previous car crash. Despite Chelsea’s plans to seek more custody of Aubree due to Adam’s legal troubles, Randy said his sentencing would not give his daughter more custody. “I just feel like we need to go to a good lawyer and figure s—t out,” says Chelsea. “Aubree’s a happy little girl, that’s all that matters,” Randy reminded Chelsea.


With Jeremy Calvert away for work and her twins Ali and Aleeah with her ex, Corey Simms, for the weekend, Leah seeked comfort from her friend Chasity to talk about her custody battle with Corey. Despite not knowing the official outcome of Corey's request for full custody, Leah told her pal that she believed she would not lose her children if she continued to take them to school and Ali to therapy. “I never would have thought that he would have tried to hurt me like this or hurt the kids like this,” said Leah. “It’s not over yet.” Despite the tense custody battle, Leah decided to extend an olive brach to the Corey’s new wife, inviting Miranda to attend Ali’s out of state doctors appointment. 

In the midst of her drama with Corey, Leah received good news from her insurance company. After over a year of battling with them over Ali’s need for an (expensive) wheelchair due to her muscular dystrophy condition, Leah received confirmation that the chair had been approved. More good news came the way of Ali’s medical advisor, Dr. Tsao. Despite Ali’s condition being incurable, he said she would be able to walk successfully for 15 to 25 years. “I would say she is stronger now," he told Leah and Miranda. “Protect her and let her enjoy her life.”

Following her successful doctors appointment with Miranda, Leah sat down with Corey to talk about their issues regarding custody. During their heart-to-heart Corey opened up about his reasoning for seeking more time with the girls, telling Leah that he originally filed because he felt that she was “downgrading” his role as a father due to his original distaste for Ali’s wheelchair. “I want to hold onto hope,” he said. Leah also expressed her hurt over the custody disagreement. “I’ve been there with the girls since day one, I’ve done everything I possibly can for them, I am a stay at home mom, that’s all I know. You doing this, it’s like you would be stripping my whole life away from me,” she said.

Corey went on to share his plans to possibly work a weekend shift for a smaller salary in order to spend more time with the girls, an announcement which left the teen mom in tears. “Whenever the girls leave it tears me up. It tears me up bad,” he said. “I understand that it’s hard for you.”


After weeks of considering asking her mom Barbara for custody of her son Jace, Jenelle Evans told friends that she had officially decided to approach her mom with the idea of changing their guardianship arrangement. “I can’t let him stay there forever and my mom needs to realize that,” said Jenelle. Following the birth of her son Kaiser with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said she felt ready to mother Jace full-time. “I think in Jace’s perfect world he would want to be with me," she said.

Ahead of her meeting with Barbara, Jenelle expressed her concerns with Nathan that the discussion over Jace’s custody may turn combative. “I’m going to try to have a rational discussion,” she told him.

“Your mom viewers him as your child,” he said. “I don’t see her ever giving custody back without a fight.”

With Jace safety out of earshot in daycare, Jenelle and Nathan headed to Barbara’s home to talk about the custody situation. “I feel like that I've been stable for awhile now and I’ve proved to you that I can parent and I think its getting close to the time where he should be coming with me,” said Jenelle. “I can’t wait forever to get him back.”

Despite Barbara’s fears that the move would “devastate” Jace, and her worries over Nathan's alleged drinking problem, she eventually caved, agreeing to give her daughter back full custody, without a court battle, within the year.

“I’ll miss him terribly but he’s not my child, he’s my grandson. It will break my heart to have him feel like I abandoned him, like I just threw him away,” she said sobbing, later looking at the change in a more positive way. “It's like I can’t believe we finally came this far," she continued. "I can’t believe it. I thought you would be dead! So now, everything’s good.”

The “Teen Mom 2” reunion airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.