Season 5 of “Teen Mom 2” has officially wrapped but that doesn’t mean the mom drama has come to an end. In response to their recent custody battles, stars Chelsea Houska and Leah Calvert made appearances alongside host Dr. Drew on part one of the series’ reunion special Wednesday. Fellow leads, Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry, will premiere their segments on part two of the reunion airing Oct. 15 on MTV.


In response to Adam Lind’s multiple driving-related arrests and served jail time this season, Chelsea Houska revealed her plans to take her ex-boyfriend to court to review their custody agreement for Aubree, 5, on the reunion Wednesday. Chelsea, who has full custody of their daughter, said one of her main concerns was Adam’s decision to take Aubree on a dirt bike without protection despite not having a valid license.

“I just want to feel comfortable knowing that she’s safe,” Chelsea said. “I just don’t want anything to happen to her.”

Adam claimed the details of his arrests, one of which was a suspected DUI, were blown out of proportion on the show and that his parenting style is not dangerous despite Chelsea’s claims.

“Three years ago I was young and stupid. I made mistakes. Everybody does it. People call me a bad father that pisses me off because I know I’m not. Aubree knows I’m not,” he said. “I’m pretty sure I’ve been turning around.”

In typical Dr. Drew fashion, he requested information about Chelsea’s love life. When asked about her relationship with Adam, Chelsea, 23, denied having any recent relations, a comment which he immediately denied. Adam, who is also dad to 10-month-old Paisley with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, said that he was last intimate with Chelsea just months before the reunion show taping. 

Putting aside their differences of opinion on their dating history, Chelsea said she will always keep Adam in Aubree’s life. Her daughter’s relationship with her half-sister, however, is a different story. “I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to be Taylor’s best friend and get them together,” she said.


Leah Calvert called her custody issue with her ex-husband, Corey Simms, her most regrettable storyline on Season 4, but that didn’t stop the “Teen Mom” star from discussing their dramatic court room battle Wednesday. According to Leah the guardianship disagreement came after she requested more child support from Corey for their twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, 4.

“I was only getting $200 a month when he was supposed to be paying me $800 and it just led to an argument which lead to court,” Leah said. Accusations that Leah did not take Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, to therapy and school also played into their disagreement, she said.

“Ali had missed a lot of therapy and school and the reason why is because if my baby comes to me and she’s like, ‘Mommy, I’m hurting,’ I’m not supposed to force her because it can over exert her,” Leah said through tears. “It was reasonable excuses, somehow that makes me an incompetent mother.”

Despite Corey’s fight for primary rights of the twins, he claimed to be willing to settle with Leah for joint custody. Similar to Leah’s comments, Corey said Ali’s missed therapy and school appointments unversed him. Corey called Leah's alleged drug use, a claim which she denied having caused the custody battle, was also a cause for concern. 

“We’ve heard rumors about the medication stuff and I didn’t like that. It’s Leah’s life but it’s my daughters,” Corey said.

Ultimately, Corey said he wanted to spend more time with his girls in order to give them a more stable life. “The whole reason why I asked for full custody, more time, was for the best interest of the girls and nothing more, nothing less,” he said.

When not discussing her relationship with her ex, Leah spoke out about her rocky romance with her current husband, pipeliner Jeremy Calvert. Despite the couple starring in multiple martial spats this season, Leah said both she and Jeremy (who was not able to attend the reunion because of work) are now on better terms. “We’ve been going to counseling. So that has helped us a lot,” Leah said. “Seeing each other’s differences, iI feel like has been so beneficial.”

Part two of the “Teen Mom 2” Season 4 reunion Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.