• The teen girl and her baby were found with gunshot wounds in the head
  • An elderly woman, shot in her sleep, was among the six deceased victims
  • The shooting was 'personal' and the family was 'targeted,' the sheriff said

A 17-year-old mother and her 6-month-old baby were among six family members gunned down at a California residence in what is believed to be a "targeted" attack, officials said.

The "horrific massacre" unfolded Monday morning on Harvest Avenue in Goshen, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux told reporters.

Police received calls about multiple shots being fired and responded to the scene at around 3:30 a.m., according to ABC News.

"Actually the report was that an active shooter was in the area because of the number of shots that were being fired," Boudreaux said.

Two deceased victims were found in the street while a third was found in the doorway of the house. Cops found the remaining three victims inside.

The teenage mother and her baby had gunshot wounds to the head, officials said. An elderly woman, also among the deceased, may have been shot in her sleep.

One of the six victims, a man, was reportedly still alive when deputies arrived. He was taken to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

Boudreaux said two other people managed to survive the incident by hiding inside the house, the New York Post reported.

"We also believe this was not a random act of violence. We believe this was a targeted family," Boudreaux said.

Officials said the shooting may be gang-related, and at least two suspects are believed to be involved in the shooting and remain at large.

"This was very personal," the sheriff added. "We also believe that it was a message being sent."

The sheriff's office had executed a narcotics-related search warrant at the address just about a week before the massacre.

Samuel Pina identified himself as the grandfather of the teenage mother, Alissa Parraz, and the great-grandfather of the 6-month-old baby, Nycholas Nolan Parraz.

"I can't wrap my head around what kind of monster would do this," Pina told AP News.

Pina said the teenage mother was living with family members from her father's side when the shooting took place. Alissa's uncle, her father's cousin, her grandmother and her great-grandmother were among those killed in the shooting, Pina added.

Pina said the family is still shocked by the news. "It comes in big waves," he told the outlet.

Representational image: Police car
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