Teen Mom
"Teen Mom" mothers. MTV

Tuesday night's closing episode of "Teen Mom" was bittersweet since it's the last time fans will be able to follow the girls.

Though there were a lot of funny and happy moments, there were also a lot of sad ones.

Maci Bookout has been known to be a stellar mom on the show, but she's struggling with giving Ryan more custody of their son Bentley. Even if Ryan hasn't treated Maci the best in the past, he's still a great father to Bentley and Bentley clearly loves him.

"Nobody loved him like me," Maci noted about Bentley. "I went through nine months of being pregnant, 37 hours in the hospital, and pushed him out of my hoo hoo."

Fans of the show were just as upset to say goodbye to Bentley and will miss him saying "luff yew" to Maci, Ryan and Kyle.

Farrah Abraham is the "Teen Mom" who has grown the most on the show. At first she was a selfish mother who was more interested in rebelling against her own mother and dating random guys than taking care of her own daughter.

But in the fourth season of "Teen Mom" viewers saw a completely different side of Farrah. She cried and hugged Sophia the moment she got off the plane. It's clear that Sophia is the most important aspect of Farrah's life now.

Catelynn Lowell made the difficult decision to give her daughter Carly up for adoption -- a choice most of the mothers on the show could not go through with.

The last episode showed that Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler might have made the right decision by giving her up for adoption since he unleashed his anger on a dog.

"I'm really worried about it," Tyler said regarding his temper; and he discussed with Catelynn why he decided to give his daughter up.

"I was literally petrified of being the sh***y dad that my dad was," he said, and Catelynn admitted that she was "seriously afraid." They both believe they made the right choice.

But the most heartbreak of the show came when Amber Portwood and Gary. The two got into the worst fight ever to be aired on the show, other than the time she physically assaulted him.

This time there was no hitting, but Gary threatened to take Leah away from Amber for good after she signed over all legal custody to him.

Though their fighting over the phone, the tensions and emotions were just as high as if they were in the same room.

On using Leah to get back at her, Amber yells to Gary, "don't put your own personal problems in front of your child...She's not a tool, Gary, she's a human being."

Amber is currently serving a five year jail sentence.

Even though the "Teen Mom" storybook has closed, their stories are far from over. Don't be surprised if MTV gives one of the original "Teen Moms" a spinoff show.