Communication was a running theme on Monday night’s episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG.” In Season 5B, episode 15, Tyler Baltierra and Butch took their first visit to therapy, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney talked about their issues, Farrah Abraham’s mom had a stern talk with her daughter’s boyfriend and Amber Portwood made a big request to her ex, Gary Shirley. Relive all of the drama that went down in “Honeymoon Is Over" below:


Catelynn Lowell and Tyler return home from their honeymoon. Butch, who is living with his son and daughter-in-law, reveals he met someone while they were away. Tyler worries the woman will be a threat to his sobriety, but Butch insists she’s clean. Butch says he’s looking for places to rent and thinks its time for him to live on his own. Tyler says his dad’s freedom scares him.

Before Butch makes his big move — he is shown searching for apartments on “Creigs list” — Tyler asks Butch to go to therapy with him and he agrees. During their session, Butch apologizes for not remembering, or being there for Tyler when he attempted suicide as a teen. 

Later on in the session, Butch opens up about his childhood, saying his father used to beat him every night, especially when he wet the bed. He shares that he used to have welts all over his body from his “neck to his ankles.” Butch cries when he says he doesn’t remember his mom and his last memory of her is when he was 3 years old. 

“Yours guys life was a whole lot better than mine,” Butch says. “I would lay in my bed at night, after getting a beating, after thinking about killing this man, and said the one that loves me is my mother and I don’t even know who she is. I know she loves me.”

Watch Butch and Tyler's therapy session:

After their session, Butch shares his plans to continue going to counseling with Tyler. He says the emotions that hit him during the sit down surprised him. 

Tyler tells Catelynn going to therapy made him closer to his dad than ever before. Catelynn warns Tyler that at some point, he will have to let his dad fly. Tyler says he’s OK with that. 


After getting step throat six times in a year, Maci reveals her son Bentley will have to get his tonsils removed. She worries about having to care for him all alone while her boyfriend, Taylor, is working. When Taylor suggests she ask Bentley’s dad, Ryan Edwards, help out, she refuses.

When Maci meets with a friend before Bentley’s procedure, she says she’s been in a bad mood because she has “too much” going on with taking care of her newborn daughter Jayde and Taylor’s clothing company. Maci decides she’s going to approach Taylor with his concerns after Bentley’s procedure.

Watch Maci talk about her issues at home:

After Bentley’s surgery is complete, Ryan reveals to his parents he spoke to Maci but did not go to the hospital. Ryan says his absence was due to Maci not responding to his texts. Ryan’s parents says there is likely a reason for her not responding and blame his past actions for their issues. Ryan’s mom says its clear the two of them have a “huge” communication problem.

Maci, still feeling overwhelmed by her responsibilities, tells Taylor she needs his help. Taylor says he thinks a lot of their stress stems from the disorganization in their home. Maci suggests they make a chore list and he agrees. Maci hints about exchanging sexual favors for laundry services. Taylor smiles and says he’s not against the idea.  


Farrah’s mom, Debra, stays in Texas while her daughter prepares to move to Los Angeles. Amid their planning, Sophia loses a tooth. Sophia gets British currency and Farrah lets her know its worth roughly $1,000 USD. “That’s the most the tooth fairy’s ever given you,” Farrah tells her daughter. When Sophia questions why her dogs don’t get visited by the tooth fairy when their teeth fall out, Debra says it’s because dogs don’t have souls.

Ahead of her relocation to the West Coast for work, Farrah begins talking to her ex-boyfriend Simon again. When Farrah tells Sophia he’s coming to visit, she requests her mom “marry” him and make his face look like he dead dad Derek’s.

When Farrah tells her dad, Michael, that Simon is coming back, he reveals they have been texting each other. Michael says it is clear Simon makes her happy. When Farrah asks her dad what she thinks about her marrying Simon he says he’s keeping his “fingers crossed.”

When Simon makes his big arrival, Sophia tries to keep the romance alive between him and her mom. Sophia sprays a single rose with perfume and writes a note that instructs Simon to give her mom the flower. Farrah finds the gesture sweet. While Sophia is happy with her mom’s better half, Debra doesn’t seem equally impressed. 

Watch Debra's talk with Simon:

Before Debra leaves to go back home to Seattle, she asks to speak to Simon privately. Debra tells Simon her biggest concern is that he’s a “mirror image” of her ex. Debra says that his ability to be passive aggressive “scares” her and that she’s ultimately worried about a domestic violence situation. Simon says its “weird” that Debra would accuse him of acting a certain way, especially because of her own past actions. He says that ultimately, she has a right to her own opinion. Debra says her daughter deserve the best, and not a dominate, domineering boyfriend. Simon says he thinks everyone deserves a respectful partner. 


Amber says her life is hectic because her dog just gave birth to three puppies but that she wants to spend more time with her daughter, Leah. She reveals Gary still only lets her have Leah every other weekend but with the Christmas holidays coming up, she wants to take her daughter to visit her family in Florida. 

With Gary having primary custody of Leah, Amber says she’s unsure what Gary will say about her plans. Amber decides to approach Gary when he comes to pick up Leah, but she chickens out. She says she’s afraid of him to saying, “no.”

When Amber works up the nerve to ask Gary, she does so via text message. During a romantic carriage ride, Amber tells her fiancé, Matt Bairer, that he’s yet to respond. Amber says her relationship with Gary would be much easier if they could learn to communicate more. She then reveals her desire to have more family outings with Gary and says they need to learn to trust each other. 

During a chat with a producer, Gary opens up revealing Matt may have several children during a previous episode. Gary says he doesn’t hate Matt, but also doesn’t trust him. He adds that he wants Amber to be happy, but his biggest worry is that Leah will be abandoned by a man in Amber’s life. Gary predicts that Amber will dump Matt.

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