Maci Bookout wedding
Maci Bookout became a married woman on Monday’s “Teen Mom OG” Season 6 finale. MTV

“Teen Mom OG” Season 6 has come to a close. Monday marked the last 2016 installment of Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Baltierra’s journey on the MTV series. And while some moms welcomed in a new adventures, others faced troubles from their past.

Episode 15 saw Maci wed longtime boyfriend and baby daddy Taylor McKinney. Amber ushered in a new change of her own, undergoing a complete body transformation with the help from plastic surgeons. Elsewhere in the installment, titled “I Do,” Farrah had a breakthrough during therapy and Catelynn received some bad news about her father-in-law.

Relive the 7 craziest moments from the Season 6 finale of “Teen Mom OG” below!

Mommy Makeover

Before going under the knife for a mommy makeover, Amber explains to the cameras, with her daughter Leah present, why she’s going under the knife. Amber says she’ll be getting a breast life and enhancement, as well as liposuction, in an effort to feel comfortable in her own skin.

“They’re giving me my curves back,” Amber says, before going on to clarify she’s not trying to look like her co-star Farrah, who had her fair share of plastic surgery. Her fiancé, Matt Baier, says he’ll be a “basket case” during the procedure when he learns she will be out for five hours.

Post-surgery, Amber shows off her bruised body and says that in the past, it was hard for her to go to reunion shows due to her appearance.

“Teen Matt”

Matt and Amber have a funny discussion about their arguments with a producer prior to her surgeries. After mimicking Amber’s infamous clapping motion, she tells her beau he’s had too many “moments” to shine on the show. Amber goes on to joke that she’s starting to get “jealous” about Matt’s airtime. Matt then reveals what Amber says to him behind closed doors. “It ain’t called Teen Matt, OK?” he says as she laughs. Amber adds that says she and Matt have a “great life” together.

Back In Jail

With only 90 days left on his parole, Catelynn reveals her father-in-law Butch didn’t call his parole officer when he was supposed to. The next day her husband Tyler Baltierra gets a call and learns his dad is in jail because he missed his parole meeting. Catelynn says she’s not shocked by the turn of events but shares that she is disappointed. Tyler says he thinks his dad is afraid of his own freedom.

Maci’​s Wedding Day Tears

Usually stoic, Maci expressed some serious emotion on her wedding day. Before her walk down the aisle she cries when her mother presents her with a family heirloom: a pearl necklace. Maci, fighting back tears, puts on the necklace before the ceremony.

During her vows to Taylor, Maci’s voice shakes as she talks about their “perfect love” and admits she thought her life story would ultimately scare him away. After the wedding, Maci thanks her ex Ryan Edwards, whom she shares son Bentley with, for coming and her co-stars Catelynn and Tyler. Taylor goes on to surprise Maci with a video concert from her favorite musical group, the Josh Abbott Band, and they share their first dance.

Dinner From Hell

After being hesitant about meeting her mother’s new boyfriend, Farrah and her ex-boyfriend Simon sit down to a dinner with Debra and David in the finale. And, of course, things don’t go well.

When David reveals he’s watched “Teen Mom” and seen how Farrah treats Debra, Farrah reacts. After telling Farrah she’s negative and slamming her for buying her own engagement ring, Farrah says through tears that he’s upsetting her. They leave the conversation with David telling Farrah he thinks she’s a great person and they hug.

After the meal, Farrah and Simon talk. Simon tells Farrah David got into her head and calls him a con man. He says he and Debra will only date for two months tops.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Ryan didn’t attend Maci and Taylor’s wedding solo. He went with his parents and girlfriend Mackenzie, who was introduced in a previous episode. And in a shocking turn of events, when Maci threw her bouquet, Mackenzie caught it. Jumping up and down in excitement at her win, Mackenzie repeatedly revealed her underwear in the process before jumping into Maci’s arms and hugging her. Maci wished her good luck with a smile.

Therapy Breakthrough

Farrah goes to therapy with Dr. Jen and Debra. Farrah says she’s realizes she upsets people with the way she speaks to them and says something with her mom makes her snap. Dr. Jen says Farrah comes across as “entitled” and needs to learn how to de-escalate tense situations with her mother. Dr. Jen goes on to theorize that Farrah continually opens new business as a way to constantly restart her relationship with her mom. Farrah and Debra both shed tears at the thought. Debra comments they can get through anything because they love each other.