Amber Portwood got a big surprise and Catelynn Baltierra went to rehab on the latest “Teen Mom OG.” MTV

It was an hour of sad and happy tears on Monday’s “Teen Mom OG.”

After admitting she was struggling with her anxiety and depression, Catelynn Baltierra left for treatment in Season 6, episode 5 of the MTV docuseries. Amber Portwood, on the other hand, was shedding tears of joy when her fiancé revealed a big secret he was keeping. Elsewhere, Farrah Abraham had an explosive fight with her boyfriend and Maci Bookout made a big life change.


Farrah takes her family on a trip to Hawaii wanting to recreate the memories she had there during her childhood with her daughter Sophia. Farrah tells her mom Debra her relationship with her boyfriend Simon isn’t in a good place. When Farrah calls him to talk about their issues, she reveals she wants to continue their relationship and invites him to join them in Hawaii. Debra warns Farrah bringing Simon along may ruin her vacation, but Farrah disagrees.

When Simon arrives, Sophia repeatedly asks Farrah if they’re in love and if he is her boyfriend, but Farrah refuses to answer.

Simon and Farrah’s good time is short-lived when they get into an argument during a boat ride. Farrah accuses Simon of being stand offish but he claims he’s just tired.

The next day, Farrah tells the producers that after the boat ride Simon accused her of being “fake” when the cameras are on. Farrah says she’s unsure of Simon’s whereabouts but his luggage is still in their rental home. During her talk with the producers Simon calls Farrah and she asks him why he didn’t apologize. Simon tells her it is hard to talk to her when she’s upset, but she denies ever being angry. Farrah goes on to put his luggage by the garage outside.


Amber and Matt Baier successfully flip their second home and get a buyer. Amber says she thinks the best thing she and her “Teen Mom” co-stars can do is invest their money so when the show is done, they will be financially secure. Amber also share she’s currently battling with depression. She says what makes her feel better is when she has people around her that she loves. She cries when she mentions the fact that she doesn’t have her daughter Leah every day.

Ahead of her 26th birthday, Amber says she wants to see Leah, but realizes its not her weekend with her. Matt decides to throw Amber a surprise party and invite Leah and her dad, Gary Shirley, as well as other family and friends. Gary says life is too short to fight with them and decides to go. Matt tells the producers he wants Amber to realize how many people care about her.

Matt has Amber’s cousin Crystal take her to get her nails done in order to get everyone into the house for the surprise party. Amber is reduced to tears when she sees all her guests, including Leah and her former cellmate Nicole.


Maci and her fiancé Taylor McKinney go on a date and they agree they need more room before their third baby arrives. Maci says she wants to be settled in a home before the baby comes in 13 weeks, but Taylor says he’s interested in moving soon rather than later.

After finding a house they think suits them, they decide to put in an offer and it is accepted. Maci warns Taylor that just because there is an additional bedroom, they doesn’t mean they can have baby No. 4. “Don’t temp me,” he jokes.

While moving into their new home, Maci and Taylor share how excited they are about their new baby and question what his personality will be like. Taylor shows off his new tattoo of the baby’s name, which says “Maverick,” to producers. Maci says she warned him to wait until the birth just to make sure he doesn’t come out as a girl but he didn’t listen.


After last episode’s breakdown, Catelynn shares she’s still planning to go away to get herself help. She says she’s found a facility in Arizona to receive month-long treatment for her anxiety and depression. Tyler Baltierra says his wife needs to quit masking her depression and anxiety issues and instead work on fixing them.

Before leaving for treatment, Catelynn goes to see her therapist. Catelynn shares she’s planning not to self-medicate by smoking weed after returning. Her therapist warns her that addiction is something she needs to drop for herself, not anyone else. Catelynn says she’s most worried about her daughter Nova before going on, but calls it a “blessing in disguise” that she’s so young and won’t remember her being away from home.

When Catelynn goes to say goodbye to Nova, who is staying at her moms house, Tyler is in a bad mood. He admits to Catelynn he’s sad she’s leaving and breaks down. The two share an emotional hug and he leaves to continue working on their new home. Catelynn gets taken to the airport by producers.