Teen Wolf Season 4 VMA episode
MTV released new promos for "Teen Wolf" Season 4 episode 10, which will air before the 2014 Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 24. Jaimie Trueblood/MTV

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 10 is going to be full of shocking moments, according to the new promos. MTV released two more commercials advertising the special 2014 Video Music Awards episode. The promos give audiences a quick glimpse, but they reveal plenty of information about the upcoming episode.

The first promo shows Lydia talking to Meredith. After episode 9 revealed her identity as the Benefactor, it isn’t surprising that Lydia wants to interrogate her when she has so many questions. How is Meredith alive? Why is she doing this? How did she create the deadpool? But Meredith won’t talk. She says that she will only talk to one person: Peter Hale.

The promo ominously promises that the episode “will change their lives fovever.” It shows Scott attacking someone in full wolf mode, Chris Argent with a machine gun, Kira sword fighting in the rain, a Stiles and Malia kiss and Derek threatening to kill anyone who comes after supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills.

“Anyone who thinks they can kill us for money, they get to be a name on our deadpool,” Derek says as he cocks his shotgun. Watch below:

The second commercial is a little less exciting. “If someone you know isn’t watching the special all-new ‘Teen Wolf’ before the VMAs ...” the announcer says.

“They get to be a name on our deadpool,” Derek finishes.

“Teen Wolf” is probably one of very few shows that can threaten to kill their fans in a loving way. The promo also gives another glimpse at the kiss that Stiles and Malia share, Scott’s attack and Kira wielding her sword in the rain. Watch the promo below:

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 10, titled “Monstrous,” will air on Sunday Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. on MTV (the episode will reair in its normal 10 p.m. Monday timeslot as well).

Do you think Derek is going to actually use a gun this week or will he finally get his powers back? Sound off in the comments section below!