In "Teen Wolf" Season 4 episode 10, Scott will be protecting even more werewolves when he discovers Satomi's pack is in danger. MTV

The assassins will keep coming in “Teen Wolf” Season 4. In episode 9, audiences learned that anyone can be an assassin. The Benefactor’s list is being sent to random printers, and anyone with the guts to kill another person can take a shot. According to the official synopsis for Season 4 episode 10, it won’t just be Scott’s friends that have to escape killers.

Scott and Kira are still too busy to go on an actual date in episode 10, titled “Monstrous” (which will air on Sunday, Aug. 24). They will be protecting Satomi’s pack, and Chris Argent will return to help the teenagers protect the werewolves. Satomi’s pack was already targeted earlier this season. In episode 6, Derek and Malia were looking for Satomi’s pack in the woods, but they only found dozens of dead bodies. Satomi’s definitely going to be on edge when the remaining members of her pack are targeted again.

While Scott is busy protecting people from the assassins who have the deadpool, Malia and Stiles will be figuring out where the hit list came from. Fans know that Meredith is the benefactor and Lydia’s grandmother Lorraine helped create the cypher keys and computer code for the deadpool. However, there are still a lot of missing pieces in the deadpool mystery. How did someone identify every supernatural creature in Beacon County? Could a banshee do that or did Meredith have help? Why would Lydia's grandmother help with the deadpool when she was a banshee? Stiles and Malia will be working to determine the exact origins of the deadpool. They also might be working out their relationship issues at the same time. This week’s promo gives a glimpse of a steamy scene between the two. Check it out below:

The second promo gives viewers a good look at Meredith, who sounds awfully scared, despite her power as the Benefactor. Watch below:

“Teen Wolf” Season 2 episode 10 will air Sunday, Aug. 24, at 7 p.m. on MTV before the 2014 Video Music Awards preshow. What do you think Stiles and Malia will find? Sound off in the comments section below!