New creatures keep popping up in “Teen Wolf” Season 5. In episode 4, Parrish (Ryan Kelley) continued to investigate what he might be, while Scott (Tyler Posey) discovered that some creatures aren’t even in the bestiary. He had to take down a new creature in this episode. However, the Alpha realized that he and his girlfriend Kira (Arden Cho) might have different approaches to stopping new enemies.

When episode 4 starts, Lydia (Holland Roden) is helping Parrish figure out his powers. She has him hold his hand over a lighter. He pulls away, but she has him focus completely on her. He stares into Lydia’s eyes while she holds the lighter. When he doesn’t think about the flame, the deputy doesn’t feel a thing.

He tells her that he’s been having a dream of carrying a burned body to a tree stump. Lydia tells him about the nemeton. “It drew you here,” she says. “That’s what it does. It’s a beacon for supernatural creatures. It might even make them more powerful.”

He tells her that after he puts the body down on the nemeton, the dream stops. However, it doesn’t really stop there. Viewers see him sit on the stump with the dead body, both of them engulfed in flames as tons of bodies around the tree stump burn.

Then the episode cuts back to where episode 3 left off. Was the scene with Parrish a flashback or a flash-forward? It’s impossible to tell. But when the episode picks up, Lydia is still paralyzed as the boys arrive. Theo (Cody Christian) helps her and makes his belt a tourniquet. Lydia tells Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) to go, but he has a hard time leaving her side. Still, he has to go to the basement to see Malia (Shelley Hennig).

He finds Malia with Tracy’s (Kelsey Chow) dead body, and the Sheriff (Linden Ashby) realizes he has to cross another line. He can’t explain the dead girl with claws and a tail to the coroner. He had to cover up her murder to hide the supernatural.

Elsewhere, the Dread Doctors say that Donovan’s (Ashton Moio) condition “looks promising” before they start pulling his teeth. Soon, a set of sharpened teeth are in his mouth.

At the hospital, Lydia tells her mom (Susan Walters) that she can’t talk about anything she saw, but it seems like Mrs. Martin didn’t see much anyway. Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) says Theo probably saved her life with the tourniquet, which doesn’t seem to thrill Stiles. However, they have to worry about Lydia’s future. She isn’t in great shape. To make matters worse, as Lydia heads into surgery, she starts to see the Doctors.

Scott and Kira go home and start to kiss, but Deaton (Seth Gilliam) interrupts. He realizes that with talons, skin and teeth of three different species, Tracy wasn’t born or bitten. She was made. “The rules have changed,” Deaton says.

Lydia wants to change too. The banshee wakes up in the hospital to Parrish in her room watching kung fu movies. “I want to learn how to fight,” she says. “Can you teach me?” The deputy seems more than pleased to help her out.

Theo is teaching Donovan how to approach a fight in a different way. Donovan wanted to be a cop like his dad, but the Sheriff’s department turned him down. Theo reasons that he’ll have real power now and can seek revenge. “Real pain is emotional pain,” Theo says. “That is the kind of pain that lasts. And if you want to cause Stilinski devastating, soul-crushing, emotional pain, you don’t go after him. You go after someone he loves.”

Elsewhere, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) tries to be a normal teenager and goes out with Mason (Khylin Rhambo) as his wingman. The two get into a bar, Sinema, and pay Hayden (Victoria Moroles) to get in. Despite being in high school, she is a waitress serving alcohol. Liam accidentally makes her drop her tray, causing her to lose $200 in wages.

Back at the hospital, Melissa brings Scott to Corey (Michael Johnston), a kid who was attacked. A chunk of his arm is scarred, but pain meds don’t seem to help. Scott tries to take his pain away, and it’s tough than ever for the Alpha. Melissa tells him that it’s scorpion venom that made the wound ... and the insect would have to be 10 feet tall to leave such a mark. The victim wakes up and mentions a guy named Lucas (Eddie Ramos), who just happens to be at the bar staring at Mason.

Corey tells Scott that he was recently kissing Lucas when he felt his arm sting. Lucas’ eyes went black for a moment, and then he quickly left and said he’d see him at the club.

At Sinema, Mason and Lucas start to hook up. As they spend time in a dark corner, spikes start to pop out of Lucas’ skin. Brett (Cody Saintgnue) attacks Lucas, but the wolf is infected by the venom. Then Liam arrives, followed by Scott and Kira. It looks like this is one instance where Kira’s sword will be much more helpful than Scott’s hand-to-hand combat.

Once Liam has Lucas down, Kira goes into full fox mode. She tries to kill Lucas, but Scott stops her. He is going to take Lucas’ body out of the club, but the Dread Doctors are watching from above. They shoot Lucas in the chest.

“His condition was terminal,” they tell Scott before quickly leaving.

In the hospital, Scott tells his mom that he’ll find whoever did this. After they leave the morgue, Parrish visits and takes Lucas’ body to the stump, where they’re engulfed in flames.

Malia and Stiles stay away from the gang for most of episode 3, but they spend some time together. Malia erases her mother’s alias, the Desert Wolf, from Stiles’ dry erase board. It seems she might not be interested in finding her mother if she is a killer.

In the library, Malia can’t stop thinking about the Dread Doctors. She leaves her boyfriend asleep in the library and heads out. Malia goes to Tracy’s room and finds a book called “The Dread Doctors.”

But leaving Stiles alone was not the best plan. At school, Stiles has car trouble and tries to duct tape his engine again. However, Donovan approaches him from behind. It seems like a mouth opens on his hand and Stiles cries out in pain.

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