• Teenagers uploaded videos of themselves on TikTok dressed up as elderly women to buy liquor 
  • Many of the videos went viral, with some garnering more than a million views
  • While many users found the videos amusing, some expressed disapproval about the same

Teenagers are using facemasks not just to avoid getting infected by coronavirus, but also to buy alcohol from liquor shops, dressed up as elderly women.

It is hard to determine a person's age when they are wearing some sort of face covering, and some teenagers have managed to take advantage of the situation. In addition to facemasks, applying makeup and dressing up in old people's clothes have helped teens buy liquor without getting caught.

Several teenagers posted videos of the COVID-19-era prank in which they can be seen dressed as old women with liquor bottles in their hands, striking triumphant poses. Many such videos reportedly garnered millions of views.

In one such TikTok video, a girl with wrinkles on her face can be seen using a walker to cross a parking area, while holding a bottle of pink liquid. The video, which garnered more than 1.5 million views, shows her wearing a baggy sweater and a babushka head scarf. To complete the effect, she also wore wire-rimmed glasses.

Representational image of an elderly woman. StockSnap - Pixabay

Another video shows a young woman wearing glasses, a gray wig, and an old-person costume mask often used during Halloween. She also puts on gloves and surgical mask. The end of the clip shows her returning from a mart with several cans of Four Loko and dancing with friends as she rips off her disguise. This particular video earned over two million views.

A video of another girl wearing costume jewelry and a headscarf walking into a liquor store and later coming out with bottles of wine also caught people's attention. The video, which gained around two million views, later showed the prankster twerking on the side of the road while holding the bottles.

The person who posted the video wrote in the commet section that the "prank" happened in California. She revealed she tried to speak as little as possible and managed to sound a little croaky. She added the shop's clerks did not ask for her ID and that the store owner was worried about the number of bottles she had to carry by herself.

Yet another video showed a girl, with an elderly-looking woman who was her friend in disguise, going inside a convenience store to buy liquor. "Oh, my God, it worked!" one of them was heard saying in the video as they returned to their vehicle carrying vodka.

While many users found the videos amusing, some expressed disapproval, New York Post reported. "I hope lots of teens are out there illegally buying alcohol with face masks on, confidently not looking at all like their fake ID," wrote @dannyfailure, one of the users who saw the video.