Terraria - House
Terraria features 2D building with placeable furniture and background objects Re-Logic


  • Armor absorbs more damage in expert mode compared to the base experience
  • Minions are great for getting free damage onto enemies
  • Always have buffs active when fighting bosses or hordes

Compared to the base difficulty, "Terraria's" expert mode is significantly more difficult thanks to a number of new mechanics. Enemies hit harder, bosses have new moves, and generally, players are left at a huge disadvantage.

However, this extra layer of difficulty also comes with additional rewards that are exclusive to expert mode. Here are a few pointers on how to conquer this challenge in "Terraria" as of the "Labor of Love" update.

Stack Armor

Armor is more effective in expert mode than in the base game. Each point will block 0.75 points of damage, which means getting as much armor as possible is absolutely required to survive incoming hits.

Apart from mining ores for high-tier metal armor, players should also look out for accessories that have bonus Defense stats on them. Try crafting White Strings at a Loom using 30 Cobweb and try to get one that has the Warding prefix or similar.

Prepare Food and Potions

Always have buffs up before fighting bosses or large enemy groups. Here are a few must-know recipes for expert mode and beyond.

  • Bowl of Soup – Mushroom and Goldfish
  • Monster Lasagna – 8x Rotten Chunk or Vertebrae
  • Ironskin Potion – Bottled Water, Daybloom, Iron/Lead Ore
  • Regeneration Potion – Bottled Water, Daybloom, Mushroom

Players will need to fish in order to get ingredients for other food and potion recipes.

Terraria - Boss Fight
Terraria has a number of unique enemies and bosses to fight against Re-Logic

Use Companion Staves

Though not technically necessary, having a combat pet can greatly help in all encounters. The Imp Staff provides the best minion DPS pre-Hard Mode, though players will have to mine both Hellstone and Obsidian to get it.

For a quick early-game minion, place a Tombstone on the grass and wait for Abigail's Flower to appear. Using this item will cause Abigail from "Don't Starve" to spawn as a friendly ghost.

Build a Base Arena

Players should not forget to make an arena in their base's backyard. This will not only help against any fights involving the Eye of Cthulhu, but it will also make repelling Goblin invasions or farming Blood Moon events much easier.

A simple, three-floor arena that's 200 to 300 platforms long is often enough for pre-hard mode, though more elaborate setups will be required once Mechanical Bosses enter the equation.

Terraria - home arena
Small arenas next to a base can help fend off boss attacks and light invasions Terraria