Terraria - Ice Biome
Explore a variety of biomes filled with appropriately-themed enemies in Terraria Re-Logic


  • Patch 1.4.4 will add more features to the Void Bag
  • Some weapons will have their stats buffed
  • Players will be able to place decorations with a new item

Despite supposedly ending support for "Terraria," developer Re-Logic continues to churn out massive quality-of-life improvements for the game.

The 1.4.4 patch, dubbed the "Labor of Love" update, will introduce even more fixes and changes and new content to "Terraria." Here's a condensed list of the new things players can expect according to official dev announcements, teasers and information from the community.

Void Bag Changes

The Void Bag, essentially an inventory expansion item, will get an update in the 1.4.4 patch. Players will be able to toggle the bag between closed and opened states, which will affect how the item works.

A closed Void Bag will function much like the Money Trough. When opened, it will suck up extra items players walk over when their inventories are full. In 1.4.4, this open functionality will also allow players to directly craft items using any resources stored inside the Void Bag without summoning the actual Void portal or directly accessing its storage window.

Any potions or buffs stored in the Void Bag can also be used immediately by pressing their respective hotkeys.

The Rubblemaker

Terraria - House
Terraria features 2D building with placeable furniture and background objects Re-Logic

This new item caters specifically to builders. The Rubblemaker allows players to place decorative pieces like rock piles, skulls, boulders, bone piles and more. Re-Logic previewed this new feature in cooperation with YouTuber Khaios, who made a short video of the Rubblemaker in action.

Though it doesn't significantly impact the brunt of "Terraria's" gameplay, it will give builders the tools they need to place decorations in the game without having to resort to third-party apps like TEdit.

New Items and Balance Changes

Community members have rounded up some of the new items that have been confirmed for 1.4.4, as per developer Discord and forum posts. Here are a few of them:

  • Fart Kart – a minecart that periodically plays farting noises
  • Resplendent Dessert – summons the King and Queen Slimes as pets
  • Lilith's Necklace – transforms players into a wolf
  • Bottomless Honey Bucket
  • Echo Coating – paint that turns blocks, walls and furniture transparent
  • Coral-themed blocks, walls and furniture

Lastly, several weapons are getting rebalanced to become more effective in combat. For example, the Dark Lance and Frostbrand now inflict Shadowflame and Frostburn, respectively, and the Scourge of the Desert now spawns Eaters more consistently.

Terraria - Boss Fight
Terraria has a number of unique enemies and bosses to fight against Re-Logic