As Texas battles what has come to be dubbed as the worst wildfire in recent history, shocking visuals of the fire engulfing the region have surfaced from local media outlets, besides amateur footage on YouTube.

Latest inputs suggest that firefighters from across 25 states battled to douse a dozen wildfires. According to officials, the fires burned about 400 square miles across Texas by Monday morning. No injuries or deaths have been reported so far.

While officials are quoted as informing that the fast-moving fire in Presidio and Jeff Davis counties, 200 miles southeast of El Paso, burned more than 60,000 acres destroying about 40 homes in Fort Davis, Austin American-Statesman described the scene stating the grayish smoke shot so high it created its own weather system, with puffy white cumulus clouds forming at the top of the smoke towers. The newspaper quoted Jeff Davis County Commissioner Larry Francell as saying, Fort Davis looks like the newsreels of Baghdad when we were attacking.

The brush fire started Saturday night in Marfa spread to Fort Davis Sunday night.

We've had fires, but this is the first one where we've lost so many structures, George Grubb, Judge for Fort Davis, a resident as well as a volunteer firefighter, told KFOX-14 Sunday night as the fire destroyed around 30 homes and 25,000 acres of land.

The Texas Forest Service had earlier said in a statement that six new wildfires reported Sunday, all in different counties, were relatively small and quickly brought under control. Nevertheless, at that time authorities were fighting 19 other bigger fires, prompting the Forest Service to state that conditions on Sunday could shape up to be among the worst in Texas history.

Videos showing the wildfires engulfing Texas are embedded below: