A portrait of the Snapchat logo in Ventura, California Dec. 21, 2013. Reuters

Alaina Ferguson, a 23-year-old math teacher in Texas, was arrested and charged with sexual assault on Nov. 30 after her Snapchats with her 16-year-old student led to a sexual relationship between the two. Ferguson was released from Collin County Jail Thursday after posting a $100,000 bond. She is required to always wear an electronic tracking device, take down all of her social media accounts and cease from going on the Internet completely.

The student told local police their affair began at the beginning of the school year when he wrote his Snapchat user name on the top of his Algebra test, to which Ferguson replied on the social media platform in hopes they would meet. The two convened at a park in Lewisville, Texas, days later and had sex on a bench, according to the New York Post Monday.

Ferguson was living in her fiancé’s apartment as she and the student continued to meet and have sex one and two weeks after their first encounter, according to local reports Monday. She was accused of sending the boy naked “selfies,” and supplying him with alcohol via beer pong contests in that apartment while her fiancé was out of town.

Ferguson told the student she would call off her engagement because she “didn’t feel anything” towards her fiancé, according to the arrest warrant obtained by the New York Post. She also told her student that she was aware the two's relationship “was not the right things to do, but it felt right at the time.”

Ferguson quit her job at Plano Senior High School in October after two months of working there, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday. The last time she had sex with the student was in November after a football game in the back of his pickup truck.

In a separate case in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 31-year-old former kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Dillett was sentenced to two years in prison Friday for having a sexual relationship with a student who is currently in high school, according to local reports Friday. Assistant Milwaukee County District Attorney Kristin Schrank cited scandalous text messages discovered on the boy’s phone as evidence of their lust-filled affair.