“Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea took to her official Twitter account to respond after her mentor, “Whatever You Like” star T.I.,  said that his work relationship with the Australian blond was over Wednesday. Azalea said she wasn’t aware they weren’t in business together anymore.

The rapper addressed the news site Global Grind, which was one of the outlets that reported on T.I.’s interview with New York radio station WQHT-FM Wednesday. “@GlobalGrind word? Could’ve sworn I was still in a publishing deal with him... but go head... you tell it,” the 25-year-old entertainer tweeted.

Global Grind then offered Azalea a chance to tell her side of the story. “You want to come in to our office and talk about it?” they tweeted to the rapper.

But Azalea tweeted there was no need to speak any further. “I already clarified it for your whole office floor in one tweet,” she wrote. “Sorry, this is where I leave you.”

It seems that Azalea didn’t read-- or listen-- to T.I’s interview with the radio station. During his time on the show, he talked about his new mixtape, the beef brewing between rappers Drake and Meek Mill and why he’s not going to work with Azalea, his protégé. 

Azalea is quick to run talk back-- or type back-- on Twitter, but the constant drama was apparently was too much for T.I. “Everything was cool and then they came back and undid. It’s not that I got tired of cleaning it up. ... I’m loyal partner and If I rock with you I rock with you. Right or wrong,” T.I. said. “We’ll discuss that later in the car. But right now, I’ma block the bullets, but when I say go ... go. Just go. Don’t stand around and talk while I’m blocking bullets. I just feel 'they' [Iggy’s team] needed some time to adjust.”

It didn’t seem like Azalea was worried about her work relationship with T.I., 34, and instead tweeted about the weather. She’s ready for a change of season.

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