Tiarra Becca pregnant
“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tiarra Becca posted a new video showing off her flat stomach, leading fans to wonder whether she’s really pregnant. VH1

Tiarra Becca is still looking flawless in her Instagram posts, but doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of her pregnancy. The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star shockingly revealed during the Season 5 finale that she was pregnant again, but her recent social media posts has some fans wondering whether she’s still expecting a baby.

In a video posted Friday, Tiarra (who also goes by Tia Becca) is seen in a club dancing. The VH1 reality star has on blue pants and a crop top that flaunts her toned, flat stomach. “T W E R K sum @tiabeccaactress hitting y’all better go get that good hair,” she captioned the video. Several people left comments on the post asking Tiarra if she was still pregnant, but so far she hasn’t responded. In another post from last week, Tiarra is seen at an appearance wearing a sexy barely-there outfit, which also doesn’t reveal any signs of a baby bump. “I am in Baltimore MD… Malibu Bar! I am on my way,” she wrote on the photo.

Tiarra’s flat stomach in her social media posts could be the result of her sucking in her belly. During a July interview with VH1.com, the mom of four said the reason she wasn’t showing is because she usually hides her belly or sucks it in. “I am still doing appearances so I don’t want people to see the little buldge at the bottom,” she explained, revealing that her due date is Jan. 12. Tiarra also didn’t reveal the sex of her baby, telling the outlet that the baby’s father was hoping for a girl. “He wants to name her Brya Denver Shaw,” she said.

In addition to expecting her fifth child, Tiarra is also a new wife. She kept the identity of her husband a secret at first but eventually revealed that his name is Bryan. “I kind of kept my husband private for a while like, even when we were dating I didn’t know how we would end up, with all the drama that’s going on,” she told VH1.com in an interview last month. “I decided like, ‘You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna be happy and I’m not gonna put my energy into Scrapp [DeLeon]’s drama or his mama drama.’ It’s the best thing that I’ve ever decided to do.”