• TikTok user Autumncathey6 is seen progressively drinking cocktails before losing most of her front teeth
  • A later post claimed she was able to restore them
  • The now-inaccessible video was reuploaded to Twitter, where it gained 4 million views as of this writing

A TikTok user ended up losing most of her front teeth but then claimed to have regained them after enjoying one too many cocktails at a bottomless brunch.

Footage of the now viral incident, captioned "Bottomless mimosas are a drug," was uploaded to the social video platform on Tuesday by user Autumncathey6, presumed to be the main subject of the video, and shows her progressively drinking mimosas with friends. 

"This is me after four mimosas," Autumncathey6 first says in the video. The video then swaps between her and her friends proceeding to drink more cocktails. 

"This is me after eight mimosas," a male friend says on camera. The video cuts to another companion, this time a woman, who says, "This is me after two mimosas."

At one point, the camera returns to Autumncathey6, but she seemingly has lost track of the number of cocktails she has knocked back.

"This is me after I think six mimosas," she says before correcting herself with, "This is me after seven mimosas."

Afterward, the video cuts to an older man who believes he's had "two flights of mimosas." It then reverts to Autumncathey6's first male friend who appears to be on the phone. He tells the camera, "This is me after all the flights of mimosas."

During the latter parts of the video, Autumncathey6 is seen climbing on top of a friend's shoulders. "Oh s--t," exclaims one of her friends. Another expresses her concern, saying, "This is so not good."

Screenshot (66) TikTok user @Autumncathey6 is seen climbing on top of her friend's shoulders before losing her teeth. Photo: TikTok user @Autumncathey6

The video suddenly cuts to Autumncathey6 in the passenger seat of a car with blood dripping from her mouth and her front teeth missing.

"Smile, babe!" a friend says, nudging Autumncathey6 to show her now-exposed gums, the New York Post reported.

A later post by the TikTok user indicates she was able to restore her teeth's condition.

"I'M FINE!! They put the teeth right back in and put glue across my whole upper row of teeth!," she said in the update.

The video, now inaccessible on the platform, was reuploaded to Twitter and has been viewed 4 million times as of this writing.