A young woman's evening did not go as expected after she found women’s perfume, a hairbrush, and pregnancy tests in her date's restroom. She quickly posted a video, exposing the man she had met on Tinder for cheating on his girlfriend.

Elle, who goes by the handle @.lifeisahighway420 on TikTok, posted a video captioned, "Uhmmm, what should I do?" in which she recorded what she found in her Tinder date’s drawers and cupboard. J. Cole’s popular song "She Knows" plays in the video’s background, Washington Newsday reported.

In the commented section, Elle said she was searching for toilet paper in her date’s restroom when she came across items such as women’s perfume, a hairbrush, and pregnancy tests, which left her astonished.

"Took me here for the first time after 5 dinner dates. I was looking for toilet paper, not spying; I had no suspicions until now," she wrote.

The video soon went viral, receiving over 8 million views. However, it got mixed reactions from her followers. While some criticized her for looking through his belongings, others told her she deserved better.

"It doesn’t appear that he was trained to respect his monogamous relationships/GFs," one person commented.

"Sis, put a note in the drawer and get out of here as soon as possible—no one deserves this," another user wrote.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker claimed that her date had a girlfriend, and that they had been dating for close to seven months. She found out about it through one of his acquaintances following which she contacted the girlfriend, who then allegedly broke up with the man.

"I felt bad. But I’m glad she avoided a bullet by leaving him," she captioned the video.

This video too went viral, with several followers sharing their own stories of being cheated on.

"A similar event happened to me, and I showed her everything, and she stood with him and blocked me," one person commented.

Earlier this week, a TikToker faked her own wedding to get her ex-boyfriend’s attention, only for him to see the over-the-top effort and ignore her at the end.

Representational Image Credit: Pixabay