First three months in a pregnancy is always a crucial time as the fetus develops. So it is important for you keep a close watch on how your body functions during this period and watch out for anything that's different from usual. Here are a few points you need to watch out for in the first three months.

1. If you notice vaginal discharge that's foul smelling accompanied by itching then it signals an infection or something as serious as herpes simplex which can cause miscarriage. You need to seek medical advice and do not hide any sexual activity you might have had during this period. Get a lab test done. In most cases it is treatable.

2. If you feel pain during urination, then get a treatment for urinary tract infection immediately. Drink up loads of water and avoid the urge to urinate more often. A doctor can generally treat you with a mild antibiotic. If left untreated then it causes preterm labor, and serious health issue post delivery.

3. Sudden swelling in the legs and calf accompanied by pain and headache then it can signal a blood clot in the areas. It also signals a high blood pressure which is dangerous during pregnancy. It needs immediate medical attention since it can cause malformation of the fetus.

4. If you already suffer from thyroid or diabetes before pregnancy, then they can get exacerbated during pregnancy. You need to get treatment to keep the issues under control till you can deliver safely.

5. Avoid getting stressed out during the nine months as it can restrict the blood flow to the fetus and curb its growth. Also research shows that women who are stressed out during their pregnancy are unable to have a normal delivery.