Things aren't looking too good for "Unexpected" couple Max and Chloe.

In an exclusive clip of this Sunday's episode, titled "Say Bye-Bye, Daddy," Chloe gives Max an ultimatum to decide the future of their relationship. 

"If I did have to go to jail.. which I'm not gonna have to go to jail... but, if I did, it wouldn't be like a year," Max explains. "It would literally probably be like a couple months."

"Bye-bye daddy," Chloe says in response, hinting that she and their daughter Ava would be gone if the 19-year-old winds up behind bars.   

Clearly annoyed by the comment, Max replies, "Stop saying that,"  to which Chloe bluntly says, "Well, then don't go to jail."

"I'm not gonna wait for you," she continues. "I gotta raise a child, and I'm not gonna be, like, visiting the jail so she can see her dad and waiting for you to get out so I can have a family."

Max was arrested and charged with burglary for stealing credit cards and cash from his friend's 77-year-old grandmother back in June 2018. Now, a year later, fans get to see the ordeal play out on-screen and see how it affected the OG "Unexpected" couple. 

Fans shouldn't be worried for the teen mom though, as she seems very confident in her ability to survive without Max. 

"My life will not end if we break-up," Chloe admits during her on-screen interview. "My life will go on... I can still do things by myself."

Watch the Chloe and Max drama unfold and follow the journey of five other teen couples as they navigate their way through pregnancy and parenthood on Season 3 of the hit TLC show. 

"Unexpected" airs Sundays on TLC at 10 pm EST.