The maker of the novelty desk toys known as Buckyballs is warning parents that the balls are hazards after a 3-year-old Oregon girl nearly died after ingesting 37 of the magnets.

Buckyballs was saddened to learn that a 3-year old girl in Oregon had swallowed high-powered magnets but we are relieved that she is expected to make a full recovery. This unfortunate incident underscores the fact that Buckyballs and Buckycubes are for adults, the company said on its website Tuesday. They are not toys and are not intended for children. We urge all consumers to read and comply with the warnings we place on all our products, on our website and in stores. Please keep these products out of the hands and reach of all children.

Buckyballs are advertised as powerful rare earth magnets by the company and marketed for adults as stress relievers.

The balls can be arranged in a variety of ways to make shapes and designs.

Are you tired of desk toys that only do one thing? Puzzled by puzzles that are hard to figure out? Frustrated by magnets that refuse to pull their own weight? Brace yourself, a whole new breed of adult toy is on the way, the company says on

Little Payton Bushnell, 3, has been in Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland since Feb. 21 after complaining of flu-like symptoms to her parents, reported.

The toddler underwent X-rays at the Portland hospital, where doctors found the toys in her stomach.

The 3-year-old is expected to recover from ingesting 37 Buckyballs, according to