A 2-year-old Indiana child was seen in a Snapchat video using a vaping device. Investigators have identified two suspects, Pennsylvania state police confirmed Sunday evening in a Twitter post.

“The involved persons and child have been identified and charges are pending,” they said.

In the video, a teenager appeared to be assisting the toddler to use the device while another looked on and laughed. State troopers and the Indiana Criminal Investigation Unit have identified them as students of the United School District near Armagh, Indiana County, KDKA-TV reported. Additional details of the case will be released Monday, police said.

“United administration was made aware of the video today, and the matter is being investigated by the authorities. We believe that two of our students were involved in the situation. The names of those students were provided to the authorities," Barbara Parkins, superintendent of the school district, told the station.

Teenagers have been using Snapchat for quite some time to gain undue attention by posting such outrageous content.

In October 2019, a Florida middle school student was arrested for posting a “death list” in the said platform with the names of her fellow students on it. The police received a tip about the online threat from a student and her parent. The unidentified young suspect was charged with two counts of a written threat to kill and false reporting concerning a firearm. The threats were, however, gauged as false.