A woman claimed she was held against her will for 12 years on the Church of Scientology's cruise ship, The Freewinds, the same ship Tom Cruise reportedly celebrated his 42nd birthday in 2004.

Australian Valeska Paris said the leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, imprisoned her on the ship when she was 18-years-old after her mother denounced the religion. Paris said she signed a contact which would bound her to the church for a billion years and forced to do hard labor with no outside contact.

Well, everyone but Tom Cruise. Sort of.

On the annual Maiden Voyage in 2004, Paris told the Village Voice she was informed Tom Cruise, a celebrity advocate of Scientology since 1990, would be in attendance.

We were all pulled down to the cinema, Paris told the Village Voice. We were all told we can't ask for his autograph, or we'd get a comm ev (disciplinary hearing). We can't tell anyone that he's coming to the ship or that he'd been to the ship, or again, a comm ev. And we had to call him 'sir.' It was like he was David Miscavige's deputy or something.

Just before the July 3, 2004 bash for Tom Cruise, Paris told the Village Voice she noticed a cold sore on her face, which landed her to be put in isolation for four days.

It went away just in time for the party, but Miscavige had qualms about using her as a server.

He said, 'Tom Cruise is coming and I need really good service, so who's going to serve him?' A woman spoke up. 'No, no, it can't be a woman, because he's so good looking, any woman would fall for him.' So a guy had to take the job, Paris said.

Paris ended up taking the job to serve Cruise and his guest Penelope Cruz in their luxury cabin, as the male assigned to the gig fell ill, while the rest of the staff prepped for his party, chock full of Cruise movie posters and songs from movies he acted in,

It was all set up by David Miscavige. All done by the church. And all about Tom Cruise. It was really weird. I mean, who wants to have posters of that stuff everywhere? And music playing from his movies, she told the Village Voice.

A video of Cruise singing Old Time Rock & Rock at the party surfaced on YouTube and the party appeared to have gone swimmingly. But not for everyone, Paris said. Three young women from the International Association of Scientologists were in trouble with Miscavige.

They were trying to get Tom's attention. So they were put in the engine room, she said.

Paris, who was born in Switzerland to a Scientologist family, said after her mother denounced the religion following the suicide of her husband, she was put in imprisonment.

In order to cut ties with her mother, Paris said Miscavige instructed her to stay aboard The Freewinds for two weeks, which turned into 12 years.

I was woke up in the morning and sent to the ship for 'two weeks.'

I did not want to be there, I made it clear I did not want to be there and that was bad ethics, meaning it was considered not right, Ms Paris told ABC News in Australia.

Paris said she had no contact with anyone while on the ship and without her passport, could not leave. She was forced to do heavy labor aboard The Freewinds, which makes a cruise around the Caribbean for counseling courses in Scientology.

The Church of Scientology denied claims from Valeska Paris, saying she was never held against her will.