• Tom Payne thanked “Prodigal Son” fans in his latest tweet
  • Payne, who plays a detective in the crime drama, confirmed he’s filming more Season 2 scenes
  • Payne said in an interview that Catherine Zeta-Jones will join the cast next week

Tom Payne, after thanking the fans of “Prodigal Son,” confirmed that he would shoot more scenes for the television series’ second season.

The first episode of “Prodigal Son” Season 2 aired Tuesday on Fox. After an eight-month-long hiatus, fans of the show were finally reunited with "The Surgeon," a serial killer, and his detective son as the crime drama returned.

prodigal son fox cast “Prodigal Son” premieres on Monday on Fox. Photo: Mark Seliger / Fox

Payne plays the role of detective Malcolm Bright and son of Dr. Martin Whitly, aka "The Surgeon," played by Michael Sheen. Following the successful premiere of Season 2, the 38-year-old British actor took his appreciation for the support of “Prodigal Son” fans on Twitter.

“Just getting to bed here in NYC after a long day. So happy to see people enjoying the premiere and acknowledging @FrankHartsTruly ’s powerful scenes,” Payne wrote.

“This show is so fun to make and I’m excited to wake up tomorrow and film some more! #prodigalson Night!” he added.

Several fans replied to the British actor’s tweet. One fan, who claimed she was from Spain, said that despite sleeping for just three hours after the show, she was happy with season 2’s premiere.


Another fan praised Payne’s character for being a genius and wished for the success of the show.

“The premiere was amazing! Love watching you as Jesus and Malcolm is just genius,” the fan tweeted. Meanwhile, another one wrote: “Can’t wait to see you, Frank and everyone [at] the show every week! Wishing everyone @prodigalsonfox great success!!”

A few other “Prodigal Son” fans expressed how impressed they were with season 2’s first episode.

Fox released the first season of “Prodigal Son” Season 1 on Sept. 23, 2019. Payne’s character, detective Bright, is known for his talent of understanding how serial killers think, thanks to his father.

As a criminal profiler, Bright uses his talent to aid NYPD in solving crimes. Speaking to “Live Kelly and Ryan,” Payne explained that his character was trying to understand what makes a person, including his father, a serial killer and if he also possesses that trait.

In the same interview, Payne also confirmed that famous Hollywood actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, would be joining the “Prodigal Son.”

“She plays a doctor who comes into contact with Michael [Sheen]’s character,” Payne said.

Fans can watch the upcoming Season 2 episodes of “Prodigal Son” on Fox every Tuesday at 9/8c.