Tom Sizemore's friend Megan Wren has been found after being missing for more than a month.

Wren, 25 years old, was missing since March 31 and her family reported her missing April 29. She was appeared in a home close to downtown Los Angeles.

Tom Sizemore, 49 years old, was questioned by the police regarding Wren's missing.

I am [relieved] and happy Megan is safe and sound, Sizemore told TMZ on Saturday. It is unfortunate that she did not come forward immediately.said Sizemoer.

The actor's manager Charles Lago said Wren was never Sizemore's girlfriend nor his assistant, as was rumored. Lago also denied she lived with Sizemore.

Los Angeles has approximately 3,200 missing person cases annually and 95 to 98 percent of those people are located. Less than 1 percent are found dead.

Wren has been reunited with her family.