Marijuana activist and comedic actor Tommy Chong believes that now that pot is legal in Colorado and Washington, President Barack Obama will not interfere on a federal level. Wiki

After the recreational use of marijuana was made legal in both Washington state and Colorado, people have been wondering what states, if any, will allow their citizens to smoke pot in the privacy of their own homes. Tommy Chong, best known for his role in the comedy duo Cheech and Chong, has made statements on the subject.

Chong is an established marijuana activist, among other things, and he has shared his opinion on how the president will handle the legalization, what will become of the Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, and how long time users will look back at the days when pot was illegal.

In an interview on Current TV's "The Young Turks," the weed icon boldly claimed that he believes the president will take it easy on pot users in states that have legalized the drug and that the DEA will dissolve.

“It’s going to legalize hemp, it’s also going to empty the jails, and we’re probably going to disband the DEA,” said Chong about the long-term results of legalizing marijuana. When asked if he thought the trend would spread to other states, Chong replied, “Oh, absolutely. Washington and Colorado -- they’re just the toe into the water. The whole body is following.”

Show host and interviewer Cenk Uygur brought up the fact that President Barack Obama’s administration has taken a hard stance against illegal substances and could crack down from a federal level. Chong remains optimistic, however, citing that without an upcoming presidential election, Obama is less likely to step in.

“He is also a black guy from Hawaii that used to surf,” Chong said about the president.

Chong also took part in the “All Things Considered” podcast on NPR with Audie Cornish, which had a lighter tone. There, it was less about the law and more about the social aspect, with the weed enthusiast saying he’d move to both Colorado and Washington now that pot is legal in both states.

The biggest thing that came out of the interview was when Chong said that potheads wouldn’t miss the old days when it was against the law to take part in their favorite recreational activity.

"Going to jail [as he has] and being arrested by cops and being hassled ... is never fun," he said. "There's nothing glamorous ... that we're going to miss."