The upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to make improvements to its previous line of smartphones and a lot depends on what the company actually releases later this year. There are, however, some features that iPhone 5 will miss out that could prove costly in the long run.

Below are the top 10 features iPhone 5 will not have:

Camera: The iPhone 5 is expected to arrive with an 8MP dual-LED flash camera. However, early rumors in the beginning of the year said that the upcoming Apple-made smartphone would flash a 12MP camera with the same set of specifications and a 1080p video recording capability. Maybe a 12MP camera with dual-LED flash will arrive with iPhone 6?

Processor: iPhone 5 is expected to come with a dual-core A5 processor, which presently powers the iPad 2, and have a 1GB RAM owing to the fact that the iPhone 4 already has a 512MB RAM. But, will it be enough against the likes of Google Nexus 4G AT&T that will sport a dual-core Snapdragon processor which will include Krait chips from Qualcomm, along with 1GB RAM. It is yet to be seen if the processor will be of either 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz. In short, the Krait-based Snapdragon processor will have the ability to run at a massive speed of 2.5 GHz per core at the least power which will make it more than a hundred times faster than a normal ARM based CPU. So has Apple missed out on a snapdragon processor? The answer is most likely a 'yes' as Apple will stick to its expected A5 processor.

Screen Dimensions: Apple will make improvements to its screen dimensions which, previously, were 3.5-inch. Now the iPhone 5 is expected to arrive with a screen dimension of 3.7-inch, whereas, most of the upcoming Android-based smartphones are expected to arrive with a 4-inch screen. Apple could also have done the same thing to get the edge in the smartphone war, but it is unlikely that the company will compromise on the 3.7-inch screen.

Thunderbolt Port: The upcoming iPad 3 is expected to sport a Thunderbolt port but what about the iPhone 5? The Thunderbolt port, that will make data flow and connectivity lightning fast, is unlikely to arrive with the iPhone 5 and users will definitely miss out on the possibility of a fast data transfer between the smartphone and other iOS devices. If not now, Apple will definitely introduce a thunderbolt port in its smartphones in the future.

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Face Recognition: The Apple iPhone 5 is definitely arriving with enhanced Voice Recognition features but has Apple missed out on Face Recognition? The Face Recognition will let users unlock their smartphones by simply looking at them. That would be a ground-breaking inclusion to the iPhone 5 and would be an easy feature to provide as the iPhone already has an existing front-facing camera. Apple also was previously reported to acquire Face Recognition company Polar Rose, so why not include Face Recognition?

Map Data for iOS 5: Apple was rumored to remove Google Maps in favor of the company’s own navigation software in iOS 5 called Map Data, that would bring forth various third-party navigation and mapping firms like Localeze, TomTom, CoreLogic and Getchee to name a few. But, now that possibility is out of the question as Apple will stick to Google Maps for the time being. The company previously hired engineers with the knowledge and experience of mapping and navigation who joined the OS developing team. But, now Apple has confirmed that Map Data is still in development and the company will continue with Google Maps.

Adobe Flash: Apple’s iPhone 4 did not support Adobe Flash. A lot was expected in that department from iPhone 5, but now it is certain that the next generation iPhone 5 will also have the Adobe Flash support. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in April 2010 that Apple would not support Flash as “Flash was created during the PC era - for PCs and mice. He added that But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open Web standards - all areas where Flash falls short. Jobs, however, said that Flash is the primary reason Mac crashes.

Display Type: Apple, previously, has had numerous problems with Samsung over lawsuits and patents. If that was not the case then Apple’s iPhone 5 would have featured a super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen with a Gorilla Glass display. Samsung is the world’s largest dealer of AMOLED screens and Apple’s iPhone would definitely have benefitted from that. Maybe things will turn out better in the future. All the problems started when Apple charged Samsung for copying iPhone’s design to develop the Samsung Galaxy S2.

NFC-enabled mobile payment: Apple’s iPhone 4 was rumored to have NFC support but did not get it. Now it seems that the upcoming iPhone 5 will also not have it. Other Android-based smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S2 and Google Nexus 4G are already out there with it. In May, BusinessInsider, quoting a Bernstein report, said that Apple's next iPhone will not support NFC-based mobile payment. This may be due to lack in industry standards. The smartphone will also be devoid of Google Wallet that arrived in May

iCloud: Apple's iPhone 4 had two internal memory specifications, 16 and 32 GB. Apple’s new iCloud, however, has the possibility of offering a 64GB or higher internal memory configuration which could help the iPhone 5’s memory crisis. Apple could make use of iCloud’s support to leverage iPhone 5’s internal memory requirement. However, Apple will not be using iCloud in this edition of the iPhone.