Bookmakers across North America are understanding what it takes to operate a profit-earning online sportsbook and casino in a saturated market. Times have changed drastically in large-part due to the pay per head industry. Bookies realize that in order to see even bigger and better profits, they must stay competitive in what’s become a battle of the fittest.

As technology changes, so go the PPH providers and the best of the best rise above. Bookies are looking for the latest and greatest in wagering platforms, wagering menus, and a user-friendly interface that any gambler can easily understand. The online sports gambling business is certainly not slowing, and bettors picked it up in 2019 more than ever before. Take a look at the top five pay per head software providers for 2020.

1. Real Bookies have paid their dues and finally received the recognition they deserve as not only a legitimate pay per head but one that offers the bookie a fantastic online presence. What online gamblers are looking for is options and a great wagering menu. They get exactly that when they dial up a sportsbook that’s operated under the Real Bookie blanket.

Bookies not only find a fantastic wagering platform but also a state of the art user interface that comes fully loaded with all of the bells and whistles the “big boys” of the online sportsbook world are offering. When a betting client dials up a Real Bookies betting website, they find clear and crisp pages that are easy to read and follow along with clearly written lines and odds.

The bookie pays a modest fee between $7-$10, depending on the level of service selected. The customer service is one of the best assets of Real Bookies for not only the bookie but the bettor as well.

Real Bookies offers fantastic live wagering along with a Las Vegas-style casino that comes fully loaded with the best table games and to boot – they offer a world-class horse betting venue that pays track odds and features some of the more popular tracks from around the world.

2. 247pph

247pph is one of those “steady as a rock” kind of PPH providers. They have been around long enough to build a trustworthy reputation and bookies love their software package. Bookies are always looking for sharp lines and odds and there is certainly the need to be organized with finances. 247pph is a great tool in and of itself, to guide bookie with where they need to be and with what they want to accomplish.

The PPH can’t do everything, however, 247pph comes close. They offer on-demand financial and player reports that steer the bookie on the right path when it comes to betting limits and player budgeting. The key to success in the online bookie business is knowing when to “say when”. There are limits that must be set and always knowing who is beating you and who is losing, is a must.

247pph offers all of the major sports and even the not so major ones such as tennis, golf, auto racing and of course soccer. The bookie simply needs to give 247pph a call and describe their wants and needs and 247pph will help them with a custom-built landing page that comes with an exclusive .com address for them and the players.

247pph is simple and easy to use. They organize the daily events into a readable and easy to view layout while offering all the betting bells and whistles such as prop bets, futures and a wagering platform that’s user-friendly.

Your clients will love your online sportsbook for the simple reason the 247pph makes life simple. This group gets more than two thumbs up from a practically-speaking standpoint. Should you chose their free trial you will be greeted with the same respect as a long-time paying client. If you are looking for a solid PPH for 2020, you can’t miss with 247pph.

3. A1PPH

A1PPH is a fantastic option if you are looking for a 4-week free trial. Possibly you are new to the PPH industry and want to give this a test run, think no further than A1PPH.

Many years ago, (more than 25), a group of bookies got together out of frustration. They were gamblers turned bookies, so they could empathize with both sides of the aisle… so to speak. They knew what gamblers wanted and they were learning what they wanted as bookies. Nobody understands the betting business better than a bunch of bookies! It really is true; most bookies have been a gambler at some point in their lives and they understand what the gambler is looking for in an online bookmaker. Some of the same folks that were responsible for early beginnings of the PPH breakout of the early-mid ‘90s-- they are the founding fathers of A1PPH. You can trust this group, they understand you and your client.

A1PPH understands that bookies want reports, they want to know exactly where each dollar goes and when each dollar comes in. With AIPPH the bookie has unfettered access to the backend. You can change lines and odds at any time, and you can set limits for specific players or your entire client base. You are given freedom as an owner and made to feel like the boss of this show because you are the boss.

A1PPH offers all of the major sports and more. They have a reputation for listening to you and their customer service is 5-star legendary. No matter if you are a corner bookie with a handful of players or one that’s looking to land several hundred, A1PPH is a great choice in 2020.

4. PayPerHead247

PayPerHead247 is a unique PPH and may be thought of for their gaming prowess more than the sportsbook itself. The best-kept secret about PayPerHead247 is its fantastic user interface and wagering platform. Your clients will love what this group has to offer for the sharp lines and odds, along with a high tech webpage that players can dial-up and feel as if they are playing with the industry “big boys”.

Asa bookie, you want your players engaged. You want to keep them and if the webpage is boring, chances are they will fold on you like a house of cards. Sports gamblers get bored, they like to roam around, and they love checking out the competition.

We are all consumers and no matter what the product may be, we all check out the competition from time to time. PayPerHead247 helps stop this. If you want to retain your client base and have good things said about you, then PayPerHead247 is probably the PPH of choice for you. This group delivers on their promises and now you can as well.

They take customer service seriously and they take pride in security with redundancy that’s patented and unique to the PPH. “up-time” is a priority with PayPerHead247, as it should be.

PayPerHead247 works with its clients to make sure the pricing is fair. The software is part of the per head price week-to-week and comes in the top 5 for 2020 as a worthy and carefully planned investment.

5. America’s Bookie

America’s Bookie is that ever all-American online sportsbook that appeals to a gambler that doesn’t care about all the pretty things. (however, the website is sharp with crisp lines and easy to read). What we mean by “pretty” is unnecessary. America’s Bookie is a straight foreword bookmaker that offers sharp lines and odds and a great wagering menu.

America’s Bookie has been around for more than 10-years and they have duly earned a fantastic reputation for quick and easy payouts. Sports bettors all have one thing in common; they want to be paid. America’s Bookie pays with many different options such as Bitcoin, person to person, and bank wire, they throw in one payoutfor free on a weekly basis. That’s a rare thing indeed.

With America’s Bookie, you will see a betting interface that has a plethora of options. They offer everything the “big boys” of the industry offer and more and this means more opportunities to win more money. Players take bonuses with the idea to play the bonus first. Everything that a player wins from the bonus is immediately transferred to the cash balance. This means you may play that money from cash on any bet you chose or stockpile the money until the bonus money has run out.

With America’s Bookie mixing it up is always on the table and live betting along with dynamic live lines is a feature that players love. America’s Bookie has earned one of the best reputations for mid-size sportsbooks. They love their clients and it shows. They offer an 800 number that’s accessible from the United States and they always look out for the clients no matter how big or small the issue.