John Tesar invited “Top Chef” competitor Katsuji Tanabe to the Delaware Brunch. Bravo

John Tesar and Katsuji Tanabe are among the most popular contestants of “Top Chef” after joining two seasons, so it is no surprise that people want these two to face off again. Fortunately for fans, the pair will be having another competition in Delaware soon.

John and Katsuji are among the 25 chefs invited to the Celebrity Chef’s Brunch at the DuPont Country Club in Rockland on April 30, Delaware Online reported. It remains unclear whether there will be feuding again when they meet, but it is likely that the two will clash in terms of their skills.

The pair’s bickering in “Top Chef” Season 14 made the series more interesting, but it seems that the two chefs have no bad blood towards each other following the culmination of the reality culinary competition last month. In fact, they seem to be pals off-camera as it was John who invited Katsuji to attend the Delaware event.

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Dallas-based chef John attended the Delaware brunch, which is open to the public, the previous year and liked it so much that he invited Katsuji, who runs a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. “I said, ‘You want me to go to Delaware with you? Really? You and me?’” Katsuji said of John after receiving the latter’s invitation.

Katsuji, a native of Mexico, has never been to Delaware and admitted that he needs a map to check where the brunch will be held. When Katsuji learned that the party was for Meals on Wheels, an organization that he endorses and supports, he did not think twice before taking up John on his invitation.

Aside from Katsuji, John also invited other “Top Chef” Season 14 contestants like Silvia Barban and Jim Smith. John confessed that it was not difficult to convince his “Top Chef” competitors to join the event because, according to him, they are “all attention seekers on TV.”

John and Katsuji’s feud became so big that other “Top Chef” contestants could not help but take notice and use this to their advantage. In fact, when Brooke Williamson won the quickfire challenge, she used her advantage to give John a handicap by pairing him with his mortal enemy, Katsuji. At the time, John lost the round and was sent home, Dallas Observer reported.

Aside from the “Top Chef” stars, Food Network star Anne Burrell will also attend the Meals on Wheels Delaware Fundraiser.

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