Top Term Life Insurance Quote Providers
Top Term Life Insurance Quote Providers Matrix Direct

Top term life insurance quote providers perform a valuable service for customers.

While not insurance companies themselves, they aggregate all the offers of the multiple insurance companies they have relationships with. Their agents then help clients select the most suitable option.

The wide range of selection is the obvious advantage of term life insurance quote providers.

Indeed, no insurance company is universally the best for everything; different companies are good for different situations. To get the best match, professional help goes a long way.

Another advantage is that the agents are on your side and advocate for you with the insurance companies. Some of the agents will advise you to do things like switching insurance companies or renegotiating your rate.

Below is a story of what one agent at a term life insurance quote provider did for his client:

After undergoing an insurance company's medical exams, the client discovered that he had a liver problem.

The agent advised him to get coverage (but at a shortened term length) right away so he can immediately protect his family. The premium, predictably, was expensive.

The agent then advised him to undergo treatment to improve his liver. When the treatment worked, the agent replaced his existing policy with a new policy at a better rate from a different insurance company.

The new policy was $100 cheaper per month.

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1. Matrix Direct

Since 1995, Matrix Direct has served over 5 million customers and secured over $120 billion in life insurance coverage.

One common compliment customers give Matrix Direct is how their agents aren't pushy. Another is the agents' competency and depth of knowledge. Yet another is their diligence. The agent who helped the patient with the liver problem (see article page of this slideshow) worked for Matrix Direct.

Additionally, its website contains an excellent educational section on term life insurance.


Phone: 1-800-914-8376

2. SelectQuote

SelectQuote has been in the business since 1985 and is one of the pioneers of the industry.

It's known for making the process of getting a term life insurance smooth, easy, and fast.


Phone: 1-800-951-0248

3. AccuQuote

AccuQuote has been in the business since 1986. It claims that it's not unusual for AccuQuote clients to save up to 70% when compared to the traditional methods of shopping for and buying their life insurance.

If you just want a very quick and preliminary online term life insurance quote, AccQuote is a good place to go. Keep in mind, however, that getting a more accurate quote requires contact with an agent.


Phone: 1-800-654-2079

4. has been in the business since 1996. It has a heavy emphasis on educating consumers about life insurance and its website is an excellent resource for that.


Phone: 1-800-958-0028

5. QuickQuote

QuikQuote launched its website and business in 1995. It offers to give customers free term life insurance quotes with no strings attached (i.e. no contact information required). Keep in mind, however, that getting a more accurate quote requires contact with an agent.


Phone: 1-800-867-2404