Germanwings Flight 9525
Andreas Lubitz

Should Depressed Pilots Fly Commercial Planes?

The co-pilot accused of deliberately crashing Flight 9525 reportedly struggled with depression. And in the past 15 years, pilot suicide was the likely cause of several major aviation disasters.
Germanwings pilot

German Pilots Defend Lubitz

“We should not rush to conclusions based upon limited data,” said Ilja Shulz, President of the German Airline Pilots Association.
Germanwings crash site

'We Should Not Rush To Conclusions'

A French pilots' union is filing a lawsuit because information about the plane's last moments were released to the media before they were made known to prosecutors.
Andreas Lubitz

A History Of 'Psychological Problems'

A spokesman for Germany’s Federal Aviation Office said Friday that Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, had a medical condition that was noted in his pilot’s medical certificate.