House of Representatives

Pelosi Backs Reid On Tax Return Assault

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has supported Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's allegation that Mitt Romney avoided paying taxes for years, giving her imprimatur to a charge that Romney's campaign has dismissed as baseless slander.

U.S. Rule Highlights Catholic Tensions Over Contraception

Catholic Church officials, Republicans and other conservatives have blasted the inclusion of artificial birth control, which is against church doctrine, in the list of services that must be covered at no cost to the insured under President Obama's health care overhaul.

Boehner, Reid Reach Deal To Avoid US Government Shutdown

Democrats and Republicans in Congress reached a deal on Tuesday to fund federal government activities through next March and eliminate any threat of agency shutdowns that could upset voters ahead of the November 6 presidential and congressional elections.

Head Faking The 2012 Farm Bill

With last week's hubbub over Condoleezza Rice as possible veep, you may have missed how a House Republican group took legislative action to increase government subsidies to the one percent.

What Has Happened To Lincoln’s Republican Party?

A compelling question concerning the nation's current political culture is: what has happened to the Republican Party? President Abraham Lincoln was the Republican Party's first president, elected in 1860. But do the values of today's Tea Party faction-dominated Republican Party match the values of Lincoln?

Congress Wants To Slash NEA Budget, But Artists Fight Back

Americans for the Arts, Actors' Equity Association and the New York Innovate Theatre Foundation (NYIT) are just three of the groups that have been urging artists and arts enthusiasts around the country to write their local representatives and voice their opposition to cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts.

Will ObamaCare Strengthen Small Businesses?

Many small businesses have been paying nearly twice the amount for half the health care benefits that they are entitled to provide their employees. However, under the new health care mandate, health insurance will be more affordable for small companies.