Internet Giants Oppose Web Control in India Court

Internet giants Google and Facebook told an Indian court on Monday that it is not possible for companies to block offensive content that appears on their websites, in a case that has stoked fears about censorship in the world's largest democracy.

Nation Honors Martin Luther King Jr. at Services

The nation celebrated the legacy of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday; President Barack Obama spoke at the King Memorial on Sunday, after attending services at Zion Baptist Church with the First Family.

Google, Facebook Oppose Web Control in High Court

Internet giants Google and Facebook told the Delhi High Court on Monday that it is not possible for companies to block offensive content that appears on their websites, in a case that has stoked fears about censorship in the world's largest democracy.

Myanmar Says 302 Political Prisoners Freed in Amnesty

Myanmar's government said on Saturday 302 of the 651 detainees it freed this week were political prisoners whose release had been sought by the National League for Democracy (NLD) party of Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Tunisians Celebrate Their Revolution One Year On

Tunisians Saturday marked the first anniversary of the revolution that started the Arab Spring with celebrations that were true to the spirit of the revolt: raucous, unscripted and driven by the energy of ordinary people.

Shia-Sunni Conflict Again Erupts in Iraq

The ancient enmity between Shia and Sunni Muslims exploded in violence again on Saturday in Iraq when a suicide bomb killed at least 50 Shia pilgrims and wounded almost 100 in the southeastern city of Basra, according to Iraqi police and security officials.

‘Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus:’ Controversial YouTube Video Goes Viral

One YouTube user, Jefferson Bethke, has created a video dubbed as controversial and conversation-sparking about why Jesus is the answer but not religion, in a viral video entitled, Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 10, is nearing 6 million views and has amassed more than 64,000 comments as of Friday morning.

Oklahoma Ruling Exposes Legal Issues with Sharia Law Bans

A federal appeals court's ruling against a proposed constitutional amendment to ban Oklahoma courts from using Islamic Sharia law represents more than a setback to the measure's proponents. Experts say that the decision also reveals how such laws fall somewhere between impractical and unconstitutional.

Nicolas Steno: Google Honors Geologist’s 374th Birthday With Doodle [VIDEO]

Nicolas Steno, the 17th century Danish father of geology, was honored Wednesday with a Google Doodle commemorating what would have been the genius' 374th birthday. Steno, whose name means rock in Danish, pioneered research in both anatomy and geology helping to discover a groundbreaking theory to explain how fossils function in layers of rock.

Mitt Romney 2012: Will Mormonism be a Problem?

In the wake of the New Hampshire primary victory, Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is on course to become the first Mormon to secure nomination as the Republican presidential candidate.


Ron Paul Beats Newt Gingrich For Third Place In Michigan Primary Place

Ron Paul 2012: 'Compassion' Ad Goes Viral, Paul's Reaction and the Story Behind

A video that describes GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul helping an interracial couple in Texas in 1972 went viral following its release on YouTube on Dec. 28. The video, titled The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul, highlighted the Texas congressman and medical doctor's personal generosity and support of free market health care.
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Shows Off New Tattoo of Jesus’ Face

How does Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber flaunt his new tattoo? Well... by going to the beach and having fun. Bieber was seen at a beach in Los Angeles on Friday, with his father, a friend and a new tattoo... that of Jesus Christ!