A French tourist plunged 260 feet to his death while trying to take a selfie at a waterfall on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, on Thursday morning.

According to reports, the victim, identified as 33-year-old Bastien Palmier, was at the waterfall with a friend. Ignoring the warning signs, the man climbed over a rope and reached the edge of the 260-feet-high waterfall. While attempting to take a selfie, the man slipped and fell to his death. Police arrived at the scene and retrieved the body which was floating face-down in the water. Palmier’s body was covered with bruises and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thomas Mechin, the Frenchman’s friend, told police that they had reached the top of the waterfall when the man “wanted to go further into the prohibited zone that was near the cliff edge."

Mechin said he “warned him to stay away but he didn't listen and he crossed the rope that was closing off the area.” Mechin confirmed that his friend was trying to take a selfie when he slipped.

Police said it took the rescuers three hours to retrieve the body because of the slippery rocks.

“It took several hours to retrieve his body because the waterfall is slippery and steep. His friend said he was trying to take a selfie and then he slipped and fell,” Police Lieutenant Colonel Phuwadol Wiriyawarangku.

“Tourists should not enter the prohibited area, as the park officers have closed it off for the safety of visitors. We believe that this death was an accident caused by the tourist violating the restricted area. His friend told us that the victim wanted to take a selfie at the waterfall so he crossed over the barrier,” he said, adding that the body will be sent for autopsy after the embassy is informed.

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