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Tower of Fantasy features a number of vehicles for players to ride around with Level Infinite


  • The first vehicle is obtained by the end of the first chapter
  • More vehicles are unlocked via exploration and event completion
  • Vehicles are free to use and require no fuel 

There are tons of stuff to find out in the open world of "Tower of Fantasy," but covering all of that land by foot can get tedious very fast. This is where vehicles come in.

Essentially, vehicles serve as mounts that players can use to travel the world more quickly at the cost of some vertical mobility. These are free for everyone, and the more unique-looking ones are only cosmetic in nature, which means everybody gets to drive around at the same pace.

Vehicles are locked behind the game's main story. More specifically, they can be obtained by the end of the first chapter.

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Some Tower of Fantasy vehicles can be unlocked by collecting parts from the world Tower of Fantasy

The story mission in question is the part where players need to go through a portal and enter Hykros. There will be a few cutscenes here, as well as some segments involving bomb defusal. Finish all of these, and then go to the second floor of the main plaza to unlock the first vehicle: the Falcon.

The Falcon is a futuristic motorcycle that players can use to cruise around the world map. This isn't the only vehicle, however.

Getting the Falcon also unlocks the Vehicles tab in the ESC menu. Here, players will get to choose from all of the available mounts in the game so far, ranging from mech walkers to cybernetic unicorns. This menu will also show the requirements needed to unlock the other vehicles.

Additionally, players can swap between their unlocked vehicles by going to the menu and pressing the Activate button.

Notable mounts include the Dust Wheeler, which is a large motor-powered monowheel that can be unlocked by reaching Grand Marshal rank in the Apex League. Another is the Mechbird, a pink, emu-shaped robot that's obtained by finishing the Terrible Invasion event.

For the other mounts, players must find all of their requisite parts by exploring the different regions of the world.

To use a vehicle, tap on the Vehicle icon on the right side of the screen or press "V" on the keyboard of playing on PC. There doesn't appear to be any limitations when it comes to using vehicles, so feel free to use them as often or as sparingly as possible.

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Tower of Fantasy is an open world MMORPG with an action combat system Level Infinite