Gamers might want to get their Passports and Visas ready and book a ticket to Japan as Osaka's geek epicenter, Nipponbashi, is gearing itself to open an esports-centric hotel in April.

Japan is, after all, the place to be when it comes to anime, cosplay, technology and gaming. Some of the industry's name call the country their home, while some of the most beloved characters in gaming, television and entertainment came from the Land of the Rising Sun.

But an esports-themed hotel? Why not? Almost everything eccentric can be found in Japan, and staying a couple of nights in hotel that would look like a PC rig on the outside might just be the icing on the cake on your vacation.

Visitors play 'Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward' at the Paris Games Week, a trade fair for video games in Paris, Oct. 26, 2016. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

According to Kotaku, the establishment's name translates to Esports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace in English. It is the first of its kind in Japan that, in more ways than none, would open the country's tourism doors – and the hotel's – not only to gamers, but to families all around the world.

The source added that the hotel will rise nine stories high, including the “shower-area basement.” The first three floors will be solely dedicated to gaming, and will be donned with “over seventy hi-spec, streaming-ready gaming PCs.”

Floors four to eight on the other hand will be the hotel's not-so-ordinary guest rooms. Geek Culture and Crunchy Roll added that there will be a total of 94 beds, and each room will have a PC. Of course, the units will have all the games that are available in the cafe, but with the added benefit of a comfy bed and pillow should they get tired and catch some Zs.

Yahoo eSports
Yahoo eSports launched March 2, with a focus on original video content as part of its competitive gaming coverage. Getty Images

The e-ZONe Hotel is scheduled for an April 2020 opening, although once source said that the date is tentative. It also pointed that there will be a “special opening day celebration,” but no official word has been extended by the men and women behind the extraordinary project.

The hotel will be located at the heart of Nipponbashi, or Denden Town. Its main street is also called “Otaku Road” due to the endless shops of anything and everything anime, manga and Japanese pop culture. The word “Otaku” roughly translates as a person who is particularly obsessed with computers and other popular culture “to the detriment of their social skills.”

There's still time to eat ramen, or watch Sumo wrestlers practice in Ryogku, but players, especially those who want to experience true esports lifestyle, will absolutely love e-ZONe.