Visitors of China's Shanghai Disney Resort were locked in the park and prevented from exiting until they tested negative for COVID.

The lock-in was part of a citywide lockdown and mass testing of 1.3 million Shanghai residents after authorities declared a COVID outbreak in China's largest city. Residents were ordered to stay home and no new visitors were allowed into the Disney Resort.

Shangai Disney continued to operate some of its attractions for those trapped inside, but other staples such as shopping and dining facilities have closed. Two resort hotels also remain open.

This year the park had been operating at reduced capacity, requiring guests to wear masks and to practice social distancing.

Last year, authorities ordered the park closed after a single reported Covid case, underscoring the country's severe "zero-COVID" policy that has shutdown major cities and disrupted commerce.

The COVID policy has been unpopular, prompting rare public protests. Nonetheless, Chinese leader Xi Jinping called the policy a success during the government's closely watched congress earlier this month. He gave no indication that restrictions would ease despite its unpopularity and rising cost.

Xi said it had prioritized and protected people's health and safety and made a "tremendous achievement in striking the balance between epidemic response and economic and social development."

Shanghai Disney guests affected by the park's sudden closure will have the opportunity to choose a date to visit up to six months from the day the park and resort reopens or receive a refund.

The park has yet to announce a reopening date, but the previously closure lasted less than a week.