Your Sister's Sister
Emily Blunt and Mark Duplass star in "Your Sister's Sister". IFC

While the Tribeca Film Festival is known for showcasing indie dramas and call-to-action documentaries, this year's line-up is a bit sexier than usual. From lust among friends, alluring prostitutes, and forbidden affairs, here are five films about love and sex from the festival.

Your Sister's Sister: On the one year anniversary of his brother's death, Jack (Mark Duplass) buries his sorrows in alcohol and humiliates himself in front of concerned friends. His self destructive pattern is halted by his close friend Iris (Emily Blunt), who was also his brother's girlfriend. Iris encourages Jack to stay at a secluded family home until he gets his act together. When he arrives however, he finds that Iris's sister, Hannah (Rosmarie DeWitt) is also staying their. What follows is a jilting entanglement of passion, love, and friendship.

Elles: Young French students turning to prostitution to survive is not unheard of in Paris. When an Elle journalist (Juliette Binoche) delves into the harrowing world of call girl life, she becomes enraptured my her interview subjects. Beautiful, bright, and charismatic, their varying stories of sexual encounters begin to devour her imagination. As her own sexual curiosity grows, she begins to compare her sometimes vexing life as a wife and mother to that of the young women.

Keep The Lights On: When Erik and Paul meet, they seek the comforts of a one night stand. Yet their sultry encounter is not easy to shake off. The two experience a strong attraction to one another that quickly turns atheir casual evening into a full blown love affair. A rousing portrait of addiction and unlikely companionship, the film illustrates the sometimes brutal nature of all consuming love.

Trishma: Only Michael Winterbottom would have the directorial imagination to set Tess of the d’Urbervilles in modern day India. I striking vision of love, sex, and class differences, the film stars Frida Pinto as a peasant girl who catches the attention of of wealthy young Englishmen. Fans of the classic story will appreciate this highly inventive retelling of the book.

Sexy Baby: Though America is known for its taboo portrayal of sexuality, Sexy Baby examines the effect of pop culture raunchiness on the country. It follows a former porn star and a fast maturing 12-year-old girl. Rap music, porn, and plastic surgery are just some of the topics explored in this sometimes disheartening documentary.