"True Blood"
"True Blood's" fifth episode of season five ended with the discovery of Russell. Wikipedia

Sunday night's episode of "True Blood" left fans with their mouths wide open, as episode 11, "Sunset," set the stage for what looks like an intense season five finale. Take a look at three key moments from this week's episode of HBO's hit drama, "True Blood."

Makers Vs. Progeny

"True Blood" seemed to have a theme this week, when viewers saw multiple maker vs. progeny squabbles. As mentioned before, Bill has drank a little too much of the Lilith Kool-aid. Bringing Jessica into the Authority headquarters last week, his progeny witnessed Russell Edgington bail on the Vampire Authority and Lilith for fairy blood. Realizing the danger it means to Jason and Sookie (more importantly Jason), Jessica tries to warn the humans, but is stopped by Bill. Trying to play Bill as a fool, Jessica asks if she can make Jason a vampire, since its "blessed by Lilith" and it's "the greatest gift to give a human."

Unfortunately for Jessica, Bill realized that she was trying to play him, and instead put two vampire guards on her to force her to go through with the offer she had never planned on completing. While Jessica may have been dumb in suggesting the plan of turning Jason, she managed to trick her two guards. Although the image looked damaging as viewers found Jessica in a grave with Jason, the vampire didn't suck him dry, and instead hatched a plan which involved Jason shooting the two vampire guards.

Needless to say, Bill discovered Jessica's betrayal, and Jason was able to warn Sookie of the impending dangers of Russell.

That was certainly not the last maker vs. progeny struggle in episode 11. Tara, who is still a newborn vampire, doesn't fully understand the consequences that follow her killing Sheriff Elijah. While Pam commands her to never speak of the event again, Sheriff' Elijah's maker, Chancellor Rosalyn, comes looking for him at Fangtasia.

"I can smell Elijah's blood on you," she says with her hands on Tara's throat. While Pam has always played the cold hearted b-ch card very well, it's shockingly her that takes the fall for her progeny Tara. Rosalyn arrests Pam, and takes her into the Authority for murdering the sheriff of area five.

Fighting Back

The Vampire Authority seemed to be killing people without a care this season, but the world is finally ready to start fighting back...starting with Eric and Nora. While Eric had never hopped on board the Lilith train, he is finally figuring out that in order to escape he must pretend to believe in the vampire god. Initially attempting to kidnap Nora, the rude awakening from Lilith last week has opened her eyes to what Lilith really is.

A visit from a general for the U.S. government has the Vampire Authority in fear with a reported video of Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin feasting on a frat house. The general has also seemed to have pegged the recent True Blood factory bombings on the authority as well.

Demanding to speak to Roman, the general has no idea what has been going on in the Vampire Authority for the past couple weeks. Telling the chancellors that Roman has been ducking his cars, Bill finally tells him that "Roman is no longer with us."

Threatening the authority with weapons that will eradicate vampires from the face of the planet and a viral video that will have the human population rise against vampires, only one person doesn't seem to fear the threats - Eric. Snapping the general's neck, Eric seems to have the other chancellors in a tizzy over the deadly occurrence. Although unfortunate for the general, his death allow Eric and Nora to escape the building as the tell the others that they will go out on a glamour campaign to crush a possible human uprising.

Sookie is also finally stepping up to fight back. The part fairy initially goes to speak with the elder fairy, someone who might be able to provide more insight into Warlow, the vampire she was promised to many years ago. Instead of finding out more on Warlow (after answering questions about Kesha, John Cougar and Boyz II Men), Sookie instead manages to get the Elder witch to back the other fae in fighting with Sookie against the vampires.

"A dark time is coming," the Elder fae tells her. "You will be tested. Hold onto your light."

The fae come up with a plan for Jason to lure Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin (a "hunk sandwich") to the fairy grounds so that they can plan an attack. Jason manages to do so with the help of Russell glamouring him, and the two vampires have a catnip freak out in the field where the fairy club is hidden.

"I will tear your bother limb from limb," Russell threatens Sookie. But before the fae can fight, the Elder tells them not to, and instead steps outside to challenge Russell. Using her microwave hands (which are at a higher frequency than Sookie's) she blasts Steve Newlin far away. Attempting to vanish Russell, the Elder, who is powerful, is not quick enough for Russell. She ends up accidentally blasting Jason with her microwave hands, and in a flash has Russell behind her, quickly sucking her dry.

"That was delicious," Russell says as the once beautiful Elder turns to an ugly woman, and then dust. "Heaven thy name is fairy."

With the Elder gone, the fae that remain hidden in the club fear the strength of the vampires, but eventually they must attempt to fight too....because with the fairy blood in him, Russell can now see the rest of them.

Lilith The Tease

Lilith is still running around naked and bloody. While she appeared to Nora and Eric last week to savagely kill their maker Godric all over again, this time she has her sights set on Bill...and a couple other chancellors in the authority. "Only one can lead us, I choose you," Lilith tells Bill, who initially seems to fear or disbelieve the offer. Shaken by the appearance of his god in front of him, he realizes that Lilith is not just a figment of his imagination when he spots a bloody handprint on the door he watched her open.

Lilith visits Bill again, repeating the same line she told him earlier, "only one can lead us, I choose you." This time Bill seems to be jumping on board with the idea that Lilith has chosen him. "I'm not worthy," he tells her in a total "Wayne's World" moment. He might not be that worthy, because when he goes to the room which holds her sacred blood, he finds chancellor Kibwe in there, and he seems to believe that Lilith appeared to him. With the words "Lilith chose me" barely out of his mouth, Bill slices Kibwe's head off in one swift moment, telling his gooey remains that "no, Lilith chose me."

While Bill might think that Kibwe is out of the way, Lilith has another trick hidden up her sleeves (if she worse sleeves). Lilith appears to Salome, telling her the same exact thing she said to Bill and Kibwe.

The Season Finale Set Up

Episode 11, "Sunset," ended with an interesting set up. Although Eric and Nora have broke free of the Authority walls, Jessica, Pam, Luna, Sam and Emma are now inside. Will Eric, Nora and Tara attempt to rescue Pam from the Vampire Authority? Will Bill let Luna, Sam and Emma free? Will Bill and Eric stop Russell from draining Sookie and the rest of the fae? And who is really Lilith's chosen one?