True Blood
Will Jason fall victim to Violet in episode eight of season six of “True Blood.” HBO/True Blood

“True Blood” has kept viewers captivated with new threats and new love in the sixth season. But every good thing must come to an end, and the HBO vampire drama is quickly approaching its finale.

In episode six fans “True Blood” bid adieu to a fan favorite character – Terry – and judging by the leaked synopsis for episode eight, others may find themselves looking death in the eye. According to the episode description for “Dead Meat”:

Sookie Vs. Bill Vs. Warlow

Sookie never seems to be able to break out of love triangles, and episode eight will find her caught between Bill and Warlow. Unfortunately for Sookie her situation isn’t kinky – she’s facing a major dilemma, “deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow and Bill." Could this have something to do with her mystical faerie blood? And will Warlow need to transform her into a vampire/faerie hybrid?

Jason’s Vamp Camp Experience

Jason joined the LAVTF in episode six, and managed to weasel his way into the vamp camp. While the Comic-Con preview shows Jason’s fate looking grim, he’ll still be alive in episode eight – and making new friends. The synopsis reveals that Jason will be getting to know Violet while inside the vamp camp walls. For those that don’t know, Violet is the “strong and fearsome” brunette who stopped the other female vampires from attacking Jessica and Tara. Whether or not Jason is making this friendship with Violet as a worker in the camp or a prisoner is currently unknown.

Tru Blood

Governor Burrell may be dead, but Sarah Newlin is doing everything in her power to keep his vision alive. She’ll be doing that by going to “extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing.” But with Eric aware of the situation, we doubt that Sarah Newlin’s “extremes” will be enough.

The Wolf Pack

Sam has had a rough couple of weeks. After watching his girlfriend die, Sam took off with her daughter and was later banished from Bon Temps and Shreveport by Alcide’s wolf pack. In the promo video for episode seven, Sam appears to be ignoring Alcide’s threat to head back to town. But the episode description for “Dead Meat” hints that Sam will be regretting his decision.

“True Blood” airs new episodes on HBO on Sundays at 9 p.m. Episode eight, “Dead Meat,” will premiere on Aug. 4.