True Blood
"True Blood" fans may have seen Sookie's husband prior to the series finale. Pictured, actress Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie. HBO


Whether we liked the “True Blood” series finale or not, fans of the long-running HBO series were left with one burning question: Who did Sookie end up with? But luckily we won’t have to go through life wondering.

Truebies will remember that the finale concluded with an approximate four-year time jump to Thanksgiving Day. Sookie (played by actress Anna Paquin) and the rest of her Bon Temps family (Jess, Hoyt, Jason, Brigette, Sam, Nicole, Arlene, Keith, Holly, Andy, Adilyn, Wade, and Rocky) gathered for a nighttime feast under the stars. While fans were surprised to see some children thrown into the mix, the real shocker came when Sookie revealed a large baby bump. The final moments showed the blonde half-faerie walking around the table to a mystery man whom she kissed and sat next to -- her human husband and baby daddy!

True Blood
This mystery man is actually Tim Eulich, a stuntman for "True Blood." He was cast for his manly arms. HBO/ Screenshot

We previously speculated that the mystery man was played by Hollywood stand-in Trevor Brunsink ("The Social Network," "Priest"), but “True Blood” showrunner Brian Buckner told Entertainment Weekly that stuntman Tim Eulich played the part.

“We felt like it was irrelevant, honestly, who Sookie wound up with,” Buckner said of the faerie’s fate. “What we wanted to know was that she was happy and living the life that she wanted to lead, and to introduce some other stranger in the last five minutes of the finale wouldn’t have made a lot of sense. So we made a choice [that] it’s everyman, it doesn’t matter. So we didn’t have a version where we revealed him. I mean, we basically cast the man with the best arms from our stunt crew.”

Eulich won the part, the latest in several crucial roles he's played throughout the past few seasons of “True Blood.” The stuntman told Vulture magazine that he was the only one actually set on fire for Steve Newlin’s true death scene at Governor Burrell’s vamp camp. The stuntman was also set on fire while filling in for Eric during the Swedish mountain scene in the Season 6 finale. However Eric’s nudity was all Alexander Skarsgård ("Straw Dogs," "Zoolander"), not Eulich's.

While the stuntman only yelled about a turkey in the episode -- and didn’t even have full face shown in the finale -- he did have a speaking role previously on “True Blood.” In Season 2, episode 8, Eulich had a small part as a character named Rich, a member of the Fellowship of the Sun. Rich got into a fight with Eric while at the Fellowship of the Sun headquarters. Eric nearly killed him, but Sookie got in the way. Vulture asked Eulich if Rich was actually Sookie’s husband. The stuntman said he didn't think that notion was “terribly far-fetched.” The call sheet for the series finale reportedly listed him as “Stunt/ Sookie’s Husband,” but Eulich said that the small moment where Sookie saved him could have turned into something more down the line.

“Hey, remember that time at church when you saved my life? That was really awesome of you,” he joked of Rich and Sookie. “We should go have a drink sometime.”

It doesn't sound like Buckner wants fans dwelling on it too much. The showrunner just wanted to play off one of Sookie and Bill's final conversations about her human life.

“The idea was that we wanted Bill to be correct when he said that Sookie could have a normal life, the twist, of course, being that Sookie chose to keep her power and specialness and persevere," Buckner explained.

You can click HERE to watch Tim Eulich’s scene as Rich.