True Blood
The seventh and final season of “True Blood” will premiere on HBO on June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT. HBO

Holy fangs. HBO has released a second trailer for the seventh and final season of “True Blood,” and it will leave you with your jaw on the ground. The vampire series will be returning to HBO on June 22, and thanks to the new video, fans can be rest assured that the final 10 episodes will be jam-packed with bloody drama.

So, what did the new trailer reveal? We’re breaking it down:

Sookie Knows Her Vampires

“Nobody in this town knows vampires better than me,” Sookie passionately tells someone off screen.

The town of Bon Temps appears to be in a lot of trouble this season. Tension between the residents is already high thanks to Sam Merlotte and Bill Compton’s “blood for protection” plan. But things are only going to get worse when the Hep-V vampires attack Bellefleur’s bar.

It sounds like Sookie has a plan or wants to share her knowledge – but is she going to be pro-vampire? Or anti-vampire? She’s still seemingly on good terms with Tara, but the Season 6 finale made it clear that she has no plans on getting tangled up with Bill again.

Jessica’s Dinner

Jessica can be seen about to feed on someone in the new trailer. But is she going off the deep end again? Or is her living blood bag part of the new “blood for protection” plan?

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to note that the last person that “True Blood” viewers saw her with was Andy’s daughter, Adilyn. Since she previously drained Adilyn’s sisters dry, our fingers are crossed that the girl she’s about to drink isn’t the half-faerie.

Holly’s Fate

Things are NOT looking good for Holly. Andy’s ex is bloody and looks like she’s been on the run, but the most frightening part is that she’s surrounded by vampires. Two vampires on each side of her appear to be staring past her – so does that mean they’re trying to protect her?

Is Arlene Engaged Again?

Bon Temp’s favorite red head has an excited look on her face while holding her left hand up in the trailer … could she possibly be showing off an engagement ring?

It seems like Terry just died; however fans have to remember that the Season 6 finale did feature a six-month time jump. It’s also important to note that Executive Producer Brian Buckner previously revealed that they may speed up time on the show in order to wrap the story up in 10 episodes.

Since Arlene’s supposed to get a new love interest named Keith, it’s definitely possible that she could be moving on.

Holly And Andy

“A man ain’t nothing without a family,” Andy says gravely in the promo video. The Bon Temps sheriff knows this well, especially after losing three of his daughters last year. However Andy might find some happiness in Season 7. The trailer shows Holly grabbing him for a kiss.

'I Love You'

Things are getting pretty serious between Sookie and Alcide. The werewolf tells Sookie that he loves her, but viewers don’t see her say it back. To make things a little more complicated, the promo shows a shirtless Alcide angrily showing up on Bill’s doorstep.

“Bill!” he yells, kicking in the door. “I know she came here.”

Lafayette’s Standing Up For Himself

Lafayette has had his ups and downs throughout the past six seasons of “True Blood,” and now he’s sticking up for himself. A clip shows James (originally played by Luke Grimes but recast as Nathan Parsons) showing up outside Lafayette’s house, and then Lafayette yelling at someone: “Has it ever occurred to you that I want a piece of happiness too.”

Are the two scenes connected? Could “True Blood” be adding a new love triangle between Luke, Jessica and Lafayette?

A Town Uprising

In another clip Mrs. Fortenberry can be seen in front of a large group of Bon Temps townsfolk holding guns. They appear to be pointing their weapons at Sam Merlotte – potentially to drive him out because he’s a shapeshifter or because he’s the one that teamed up with the local vampires.

Bill And Sookie’s Reunion

Bill and Sookie appear to be teaming up once again to help regain their town. But Sookie doesn’t understand why he’s helping.

“Because I owe you everything,” he kindly tells her.

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