True Blood
Bill's Hep-V continued to spread at a rapid pace in episode 7 of "True Blood." HBO

Episode 7 of “True Blood” aired on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 3, marking only three episodes left in the seventh and final season. Find out what happened to the fine folks of Bon Temps, and the vamps infected with Hep-V in our recap of the top 15 moments in “May Be The Last Time”:

1. Adios, Amber

“May Be The Last” kicked off with Eric interrogating Sarah Newlin’s sister, Amber. Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus wanted to know where Sarah was and how Amber was cured of her Hep-V, but Amber wasn’t talking – even with a hefty money offer from Mr. Gus.

Amber felt as if she owed Sarah for saving her life, and revealed to the group that her sister, now known as Noomi, was the cure. With an even bigger interest in finding her, Eric tried to force the information out of Amber by recalling the death of her boyfriend, Jeremy – but Amber still refused to talk. So, what did Eric do? He lost his cool and staked Amber, killing the only lead they had on finding Sarah.

2. Eric Northman, Spokesman For TruBlood?

Move over Valerie Bertinelli, there is a hot new TV spokesman – Eric. Mr. Gus offered the vamp 49% share of the brand new product he plans to create after synthesizing Sarah’s blood – NuBlood.

Eric wasn’t sure why Mr. Gus even needed him, but Mr. Gus made it clear – Eric’s a “handsome devil” and the TruBlood Company needs a vampire testimonial in order to win back the public’s trust.

3. Fetish Galore

Adilyn and Wade blindly followed Violet back to her mansion – and it surprisingly worked out in their favor. Violet left them in her private fetish room that not only included a bed, but some kinky toys for them to experiment with. The teens didn’t know what to use, and fortunately Adilyn was able to use her faerie powers to discover that Wade wasn’t interested in using anything out of the ordinary.

4. Terry Who?

Arlene was cleaning up Bellefleur’s for the night when she received a visit from Keith, the vampire who saved her life. Keith came by to offer his protection and take her home. However he wanted a little more than that. Despite Arlene insisting that she’s not a “fangbanger,” the pair ended up naked for a wild hook up on top of the pool table. The bad news? It was one of those pesky sexy vampire blood dreams.

5. How Bill Met Caroline

“True Blood” viewers continued to learn about Bill’s past in episode 7. This time a flashback to Bon Temps in 1855 revealed that his father had forced him to marry Caroline, a woman who had just moved next door who he had not even met yet. Fortunately Bill found himself attracted to her when they did meet.

6. Hoyt’s Return

Hoyt finally returned to Bon Temps in “May Be The Last Time.” With his hot new microbiologist girlfriend, Brigette, at his side, the pair sat down for a bite to eat in Bellefleur’s. When Jason arrived to meet with Hoyt about his mom he immediately found himself attracted to Brigette – something he tried to snap himself out of.

7. Dr. Ludwig’s Diagnosis

“True Blood” fans will remember that Dr. Ludwig previously healed Sookie from a nasty wound she had obtained from Maryanne in Season 2. Dr. Ludwig returned at Sookie’s request to help Bill. But Dr. Ludwig told Sookie that there’s nothing she can do.

As for why Bill’s Hep-V is spreading so fast? Dr. Ludwig revealed that she had seen another fast case where a vampire’s partner was a Hep-V infected half-faerie. But that patient’s virus was not spreading nearly as fast as Bill’s. When she asked about Sookie’s faerie lineage, Sookie revealed that her grandfather was Niall – which immediately caused Dr. Ludwig to flee in fear.

8. Jason’s Innocent Lie

Hoyt was having a hard time processing his mother’s death so Jason told an innocent lie. While “True Blood” viewers know that Mrs. Fortenberry joined the vigilante group and threatened to kill Jason and Jessica, Jason lied and said that she had been one of the good folks that had tried to fight the vigilantes. Jason failed to say that his girlfriend at the time tore out Mrs. Fortenberry’s heart, instead told Hoyt that they detained the person who killed her.

9. Niall Returns

Sookie’s grandfather, Niall, made a return to “True Blood” in episode 7. Sookie wanted Niall to help Bill, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. In fact, Niall revealed that he had knowingly watched Sookie infect him and did nothing about it because he doesn’t like Bill for Sookie.

Niall took Sookie to the grounds outside of Bill’s house and used his magic to let her see a flashback of Bill’s wife giving birth to their first child. Her grandfather called it a miracle – but it wasn’t the miracle that Sookie was looking for. Niall then broke the harsh news.

“There are some things that can be fixed with magic,” he explained. “But your vampire friend is not one of them. I’m sorry.”

10. Welcome Back To The Light Of Day Institute

Sarah Newlin took a turn for crazy in “May Be The Last Time.” Uncertain where to go with so many people after her, Sarah showed up at the closed down Light of Day Institute – the same place she used to run with Steve and met Jason at.

Sarah began to hallucinate voices and pictured a shirtless Jason in front of her. Initially happy to see him, her attitude towards her former lover quickly changed when he revealed some harsh news: “You’re gonna die tonight. Eric’s coming for you and there’s no escaping it.”

And it turned out that fake Jason was right – because Japanese satellites picked up her location and alerted Mr. Gus.

11. Lala And Lettie Mae’s Drugged Out Adventures

Remember when Lafayette and Lettie Mae drank some V and hallucinated Tara digging in the yard of their old home? Well they decided to follow through on that vision and showed up at the old house to dig through the backyard – frightening a young girl who now lived there.

12. Arlene And Keith

Arlene can’t escape Keith. While her previous encounter with him may have just been a dream, he was very real when he showed up at Bellefleur’s. The vampire told Arlene that he felt her pain and came as soon as the sun went down. Arlene was happy to see him, but pushed him away when he got too close. She revealed that she has Hep-V and can’t have sex with him. But Keith didn’t care. He simply asked if they could just dance, and Arlene was ecstatic.

13. Violet’s Nasty Surprise

Violet may have initially left Adilyn and Wade alone, but she awoke with a new attitude. Throwing Wade against a wall, Violet used handcuffs to fasten Adilyn to the bed. Jessica felt Adilyn’s fear, but “True Blood” viewers will have to wait until episode 8 to see if Jessica will get to her in time.

14. The Return Of Steve Newlin

Steve Newlin might have died at the end of Season 6, but he made a hilarious return in episode 7. Just like Jason, Sarah Newlin hallucinated her ex-husband. Steve was joined by Sarah’s dead Buddhist yoga instructor (and lover), and the pair argued whether Sarah should die a Buddhist or a Christian. In the end Sarah decided to choose neither, yelling at the hallucinations that she’s the “cure” and the “messiah.” Her decision came at the perfect time, because Eric, Mr. Gus and Pam showed up to capture her.

15. Sookie And Bill … Together Again

Sookie didn’t find a cure for Bill. With his health continuing to deteriorate, Sookie ran to his house at nightfall and told him that she was going to stay with him until the very end. The pair embraced in a kiss that led to them stripping off their clothes and hooking up on the floor of Bill’s living room.