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Pam's not ready to say goodbye to Eric in the seventh and final season of "True Blood." HBO

The end is near for Eric Northman on “True Blood” – and not because the hit HBO series is ending. As fans of the supernatural show know, Eric contracted Hep-V before the final season started. A cure was introduced in episode 6 … but it doesn’t appear as if the Fangtasia owner is interested in consuming it.

A new sneak peek video clip from episode 7, “May Be The Last Time,” was released ahead of the Sunday, Aug. 3 airdate. The video shows Eric conversing with Pam. However it’s a conversation that won’t make die-hard Eric Northman fans happy.

“Do you want to die?” a robed Pam asks Eric. Strong and dangerous in his prime, Eric is now weak, covering up the growing Hep-V vein marks and resting on a hotel bed.

“I want to kill Sarah Newlin,” Eric answers, out of breath from exerting himself over getting his point across. “That’s why we came back, remember?”

But Pam doesn’t care about their original plan anymore. With her maker’s life at risk, Eric’s progeny firmly puts her foot down and tells him, “no.”

“She’s the anecdote, Eric,” Pam tries to reason with him. “She can heal you. This isn’t about capture and kill anymore.”

“True Blood” fans will remember that Sarah showed up at the house of her estranged sister, Amber, after the Yakuza attacked the Ted Cruz gala she was at. Amber refused to help her sister, blaming her for contracting Hep-V. After rambling for a few minutes about changing and being “put on this planet to help people,” Sarah Newlin revealed a jaw dropping secret – she is the cure for Hep-V. Via flashback, viewers discovered that when the vamp camp started crumbling, Sarah Newlin chugged the one and only vial that contained the anecdote for the Hep-V virus.

Amber was the only one in on Sarah’s secret, but Eric, Pam and the Yakuza caught on by the end of episode 6. Arriving at Amber’s doorstep, the group was shocked to discover that the vampire who was dying of Hep-V just yesterday … was fully cured.

Eric’s refusal to change his game plan of killing Sarah does not come as a big surprise. In episode 3, “True Blood” fans got to see that Eric was still mourning the death of Sylvie, a human he was in love with in the 80s. He met Sylvie in France before vampires were “out of the coffin.” The pair fell in love, and the Yakuza took advantage of his feelings for the human. When Eric refused to play by the rules before the big release of TruBlood, the Yakuza taught the vampire a lesson – making him choose to save either Sylvie or Pam. Despite his love for Sylvie, Eric chose Pam – resulting in the Yakuza stabbing Sylvie in the stomach with a sword.

When Pam found Eric at the beginning of Season 7, her maker had returned to the place where he lost Sylvie and was prepared to die from Hep-V there. Pam was only able to convince Eric to leave when she revealed that Sarah Newlin was still alive.

As we previously reported, episode 7 will find Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus on the hunt for Sarah Newlin. The group initially agreed to allow Eric to kill Sarah before handing her body over to Mr. Gus, but it’s unclear on how their plans will change with the news that Sarah is the cure to the Hep-V virus.

Episode 7 of “True Blood” will air on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 3 at 9 p.m. EDT. Do you think Eric will take the cure? Do you want to see Eric take the cure? Watch the video below and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.